Top 6 iPhone Apps to Help Advertising Executives Sell More

March 23, 2014 Updated: March 23, 2014

If you are in the business of selling advertising, regardless of your title and if you’re prospecting for new ad clients you can probably take advantage of your smartphone to boost productivity and sign more deals. Here are my favorite apps that I use as part of my workflow. 


#6 Skitch

When it comes to quickly marking up changes to your client’s ads, Skitch makes it fast and easy. I mostly use this app on my PC, but there’s also a nifty mobile app. 

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#5 Geopointe

If you are an outside sales rep and use, Geopointe is the most convenient way to automatically plot your accounts or contacts on a map. This app is the best I’ve found for planning and optimize a travel route. 



#4 Salesforce1

This app gives you mobile access to your CRM; if you don’t use salesforce this app won’t for you. It’s great for accessing account info and files when you’re outside the office. There are also nice social features that let you share your favorite sales moments with your team.

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