Top 4 TV Apps

No more worrying about when and where you'll watch and catch up because with these TV apps, you can do that anywhere and anytime
By The Professor
The Professor
The Professor
September 16, 2014 Updated: September 16, 2014

You might have a handful of favorite TV shows that you just can’t keep up with each week.  No more worrying about when and where you’ll watch and catch up because with these TV apps, you can do that anywhere and anytime.  

Watch on the train or bus to and from work or school, on your lunch or dinner break, or in bed before you turn in for the night.  Whatever your schedule, keep up with all your favorites easily and effortlessly!


TVTag which used to be GetGlue is the app for watching your favorite TV shows.  You can keep up with your faves and find new shows and movies to watch from your friends, editorial lists, or new recommendations each week.  You can also get the latest news, photos, videos, and gossip  about the shows you love so you’ll never be left out of the loop. 

You can share your favorite memes, gifs, quotes, and articles with friends and others as well as share what you’re watching so you can discuss what’s happening with everyone else.  It’s easy to use and you get to keep up with your favorite must see shows! Download it for FREE from Google Play and the App Store.


IMDB is one of the most trusted websites when it comes to looking up information on your favorite movies; it is also a great app to stay connected with your favorite TV shows as well.  It’s the largest collection of all things movie, TV, and celebrity related.  Any movie or TV show, IMDB has got the details you want and need. 

There are more than 2 million titles and over 4 million actors, actresses, directors, and crew members available right at your fingertips.  Watch trailers, read reviews, quotes, trivia, and more!  You can even keep up with movies and shows that aren’t even out yet, never be left out of the loop ever again.  You can download it for FREE right now for Android, iOS, and Windows.


Do you love sharing all about your favorite shows with your family and friends?  Beamly is the app for you!  Keep up with all your favorites and share what you think or feel with everyone, no matter where they are.  You can even chat live during shows so you can discuss the gossip as it goes down! 

You can chat with other viewers and you might even make some new friends, or debate partners.  Are you into a show that none of your friends watch?  No problem, meet other fans who follow the same shows as you and you’ll always have someone to discuss the latest with. 

Beamly was created to enhance your viewing experience and expand your social circle.  Their website offers news, previews, fun quizzes, and tons more to the super fan who just can’t get enough, check it out now!  Download it now for FREE for Android and iOS.


If you don’t have the time to go to the movie theaters anymore or keep up weekly with your favorite shows, thenVudu will definitely come in handy.  You can have access to all your favorite shows and even watch movies before they come out on DVD or Blu-Ray. 

Stream directly to your device anytime, anywhere.  You can even convert DVDs or Blu-Rays to digital and stream from the cloud to your device; so you can get rid of your old collection that clutters up your living room. 

Vudu also allows you to watch on other devices other than just your phone: Mac/PC, Xbox (One and 360), PlayStation 3 & 4, Roku, and Chromecast.  Download it now for FREE from Google Play or the App Store.