Top 4 Nutrition, Diet Apps

Diet and nutrition is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. That's why it's important to put the right things into your body
September 29, 2014 Updated: September 29, 2014

Diet and nutrition is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle.  That’s why it’s important to put the right things into your body; for success and results you need both exercise and a healthy diet. Check out these apps that can help you stay on track and maintain a healthy diet. 

Fitocracy Macros

The Fitocracy Macros app is an extremely easy to use app that helps you track your macronutrients.  Reaching your goals whether they be to lose weight or build muscle, has never been easier.  Dieting can be a very difficult task, so let the Fitocracy Macros app help you make sure you’re getting everything you need in order to be successful in maintaining a proper diet. 

It’s easy to enter items in to track your macros and get through the day healthier and better than ever!  Use the calculator located under settings in order to learn just how much macros you need daily and you’re set to embark on your nutrition and health journey.  Download it for Free from iTunes.


Dieting can be really tough for some people and it doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself or eat disgusting foods.  Fooducate is an app that helps you maintain a healthy diet while eating things you enjoy.  There’s a lot of information out there and it can be hard to keep all the facts straight; so Fooducate helps you out by telling you what’s inside your food before you eat it. 

Scan a barcode and get all the vital information so you can decide if it’s worth eating something or better to just pass on it.  Losing weight can be extremely frustrating for some, with an app like this it will make tracking your daily nutrition intake a cinch and you’ll be so pleasantly surprised just how easy it is to be healthy and happy.

Fooducate helps you understand how to fuel your body so that you can jumpstart your weightloss journey while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Diet is a huge part of losing weight so it’s important to have the proper guidance to ensure success.  Download Fooducate now to get going on your life changing and inspiring journey today, Free to download from Google Play and the App Store.

Healthy Out

When you’re trying to eat healthy, dining out can be very difficult and cause you to run into too many temptations.  Don’t worry about falling off track anymore, with the Healthy Out app.  Healthy Out helps you to enjoy dining out while still sticking to your healthy diet no matter what your restrictions may be. 

Are you looking for low carb or low calorie count?  No problem, Healthy Out will be there to steer you in the right direction.  No more guilt or frustration, enjoy all your meals and have a clear conscience that you’re still eating healthy and maintaining a proper diet. 

It can also help you out if you have certain diet restrictions you need to abide by such as gluten free or vegan options.  Continue to enjoy food while staying healthy.  Download it for Free from Google Play and the App Store.


Have you ever wondered around a grocery store clueless what to buy so that you can maintain a healthy diet?  I think we have all been there on multiple occasions.  Shopwell is an app that can help you shop smart and choose foods that are good for you and that you will enjoy eating. 

Whether you want to lose weight or need to control health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, Shopwell can help you to shop smarter.  Simply scan a barcode to see if it fits in within your diet restrictions, that’s it!  It’s important to understand what you are eating and why or how it fuels your body, Shopwell will help you to understand better all that you put into your body.   

It can even help you when shopping with a food allergy in mind.  Make your life so much easier and simplier with Shopwell.  Download it for Free from Google Play and the App Store.