Top 25 Funniest, Strangest, Weirdest Animal Names You Never Knew Existed

By Tina Sun
Tina Sun
Tina Sun
July 22, 2014 Updated: July 22, 2014

What do scientific researchers do when they lack inspiration and seriousness? They turn their job into something fun, and this is the result: a list of the 25 silliest, strangest, and weirdest animal names.

25. Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides

(It’s the longest scientific name after Gammaracanthuskytodermogammarus loricatobaicalensis, which was proposed by B. Dybowski in 1927, but was not accepted). Cookies to whoever manages to pronounce this right.

Epoch Times Photo
Parastratiosphecomyia sphecomyioides (Photograph by Wikispecies and ZooKeys/Wikimedia)

24. Hooded seal

The name might not sound so funny at first… but the hood in question is actually their bladder.

Epoch Times Photo
Hooded Seal (Photograph by Marchantia/Wikimedia)

23. Blob sculpin

A close relative of the beautiful and famous blob fish.

Epoch Times Photo
Psychrolutes phrictus (Photograph by Haplochromis/Wikimedia)

22. Leafy sea dragon

Sea dragons? What’s next, pink unicorns…?

Epoch Times Photo
Leafy Sea Dragon (Photograph by Derek Ramsey/Wikimedia)

21. Pink fairy armadillo

…close enough. At least it’s pink.

Epoch Times Photo
Pink Fairy Armadillo (Photograph by Cliff/Wikimedia)

20. Monkfish (also called Fishing-frogs, Frog-fish, and Sea-devils)

In a beauty contest, the blob fish and blob sculpin might soon have a viable competitor.

Epoch Times Photo
Lophius piscatorius (Photograph by Emoke Denes/Wikimedia)

19. Chinstrap penguin

The new trend in Antartica: chinstraps!

Epoch Times Photo
Chinstrap penguin (Photograph by Liam Quinn/Wikimedia)

18. Sea pig

Alien pigs…or pig pigs?

Epoch Times Photo
Lophius piscatorius (Photograph by FredD/Wikimedia)

17. Chicken turtle

Does it taste like chicken or just look like one?

Epoch Times Photo
Chicken Turtle (Photograph by Glenn Bartolotti/Wikimedia)

16. Hellbender

After waterbenders and firebenders…

Epoch Times Photo
Hellbender (Photograph by Brian Gratwicke/Wikimedia)

15. Red-lipped batfish

Natural makeup at its best.

Epoch Times Photo
Red lipped batfish (Photograph by Barry Peters/Wikimedia)

14. Ice cream cone worm

Freeze it before you eat it!

Epoch Times Photo
Lagis koreni (Photograph by Lycaon/Wikimedia)

13. Strange-tailed tyrant

Their tail is actually longer than their body. They are also an endangered species. Find a picture here.

Epoch Times Photo
Alectrurus risora male (Image by Nicolas Huet le Jeune/Wikimedia)

12. Cow killer (also called Velvet ants)

They are known for their intensely painful bites. Do not underestimate the agony these little killers inflict.

Epoch Times Photo
Velvet ant (Photograph by Craig Pemberton/Wikimedia)

11. Oedipus complex (recently renamed as Oedipina gephyra)

Why? WHY?!

Epoch Times Photo
Oedipina gephyra (Photograph by Poleta33/Wikimedia)

10. Pieza kake

Their name might be easy, but finding a photo of them is definitely not a “pieza kake”. They are an extinct species. But others seem to have more luck finding pictures. See for yourself here.

9. Fried egg jellyfish

Originality at its best.

Epoch Times Photo
Phacellophoracamtschatica (Photograph by Ww2censor/Wikimedia)

8. Christmas tree worm

You can now celebrate Christmas under the sea.

Epoch Times Photo
Christmas tree worm (Photograph by Nhobgood/Wikimedia)

7. Agra vation

It has relatives with weird names too (like Agra cadabra and Agra phobia). Perhaps it runs in the family. And it was so aggra-vating to find a photo that we gave up… just kidding, agracadabra, it’s here.

6. Mustached puffbird

Perpetually preparing for Movember.

Epoch Times Photo
Moustached puffbird (Photograph by Snowmanradio/Wikimedia)

5. Bone-eating snot-flower worm

What did they do to deserve that name?

Epoch Times Photo
Osedax rubiplumus (Photograph by Robert C. Vrijenhoek, Shannon B. Johnson & Greg W. Rouse/Wikimedia)

4. Monkeyface prickleback

(This really sounds like an insult, for some reason. “You are such a monkeyface prickleback!”)

Epoch Times Photo
Monkeyface Prickleback (Photograph by Haplochromis/Wikimedia)

3. Han solo

Also called trilobite. Part of the genus “Han”, but since it’s the only one found so far, it’s “solo”. (Sadly, it doesn’t belong in Star Wars).

Epoch Times Photo
Trilobit Arctinurus via (Shutterstock)

2. Pigbutt worm (also called Flying buttocks)

This one seriously deserves its name. Here. (Please refrain from searching for “flying buttocks” on Google. Try its scientific name instead: Chaetopterus pugaporcinus).

1. Aha ha

No photos could be found of the Aha ha. The image below is a wasp of the Pison genus, which is from the same family as the Aha ha. At least it looks kinda funny.

Epoch Times Photo
Pison wasp (Image by Mark Marathon/Wikimedia)


*Image of “Funny animal” via Shutterstock

Tina Sun