Top 19 Tumblrs of 2013—Follow Them Into 2014

By Ingrid Longauerová, Epoch Times
December 11, 2013 Updated: December 11, 2013

It’s gone from a small-scale blogging site to a web giant in six years—Tumblr now hosts more than 152.7 million blogs, with 68.7 billion posts.

It has great entertain-me-now value, but mining the wealth of blogs to find the best ones requires a time investment.

Here’s some help. The Epoch Times lists the top 19 Tumblrs of 2013.


19. Today’s Document

Today’s Document features one historical document relating to each day. It’s a different twist on the “This Day in History” articles that have long been popular. It is one of the best ways to learn history in an easy, and often humorous, way.


18. Worst Room

This blog finds affordable rooms in New York City and many other locations around the world.


 17. Found by National Geographic

This National Geographic Tumblr features the phenomenal photography for which the magazine is known, all for free.


16. Curious History

This Tumblr allows you to explore the amazing and strange wonders of the world. Every post also includes interesting facts about history or nature.


15. Literally Unbelievable

The satirical newspaper The Onion often gets mistaken for a serious publication. This creates another level of humor—the online reactions of people who mistake the news for true. This Tumblr finds and compiles those reactions.


14. White Whine

A compilation of so-called “first-world problems” from real people’s social media posts.


13. Things Fitting Perfectly Into things 

For those who like things well-organized—here’s a collection of totally random things that fit perfectly into other things.



12. Oessa

Oessa curates the wealth of scenes captured around the world by Google Street View. It also provides the coordinates of the beautiful scenes it features.



11. Mental Floss

This popular Tumblr brings together interesting facts in a simple format, to help people “feel smart again,” with little effort.


10.Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things

Even after years, this Tumblr hasn’t lost its appeal. Look at North Korea’s former leader looking at things. His son, North Korea’s present leader, Kim Jong-Un also likes to look at things.


9. Truth Graphs

This Tumblr features simple graphs to illustrate “big issues”.


8. How Do I Put This Gently?

Remember being a student? All the problems faced by students expressed nicely in GIFs.


7. Just Little Things 

Glancing through this Tumblr is an awesome way to brighten your day. Because every little moment, though it may seem mundane, can become a reason to be happy.


6. Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Great photos show interesting moments in which famous people have spent time together—from a brotherly moment between John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy to thriller greats Alfred Hitchcock and Vincent Price.



5. What Should We Call Me?

Funny comments attached to random GIFS capture a wide range of feelings and situations from daily life.


4. Google Poetics 

Who knew Google had a poetic soul? This blog has, over the past year, collected some of the most poetic examples of Google’s choice for auto-completing a search query.


3. T-Rex Trying

Ever wonder what it would be like if Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs were alive today? The vision of illustrator Hugh Murphy is now a meme.


2. Reasons Why My Son Is Crying

Kids sometimes have very unique views on how the world works. What upsets them may seem perplexing to us—and humorous.


1. Humans of New York

The one and only Brandon Stanton made his blog, Humans of New York, one of the most popular Tumblrs in 2013. His talent for capturing the diverse personalities of New York City and telling the stories of New Yorkers in a few sentences has gained him a large following across the world.