Top 7 Most Subscribed YouTube Sports Channels

By Jim Liao, Epoch Times

Love YouTube? Love sports? Well, here are the top 10 Sports YouTube channels by subscribers, using data from

1. NBA: 5,660,697 Subscribers

The title says it all — this is the channel for all things NBA. Whether it’s draft, player interview, highlight, or all-access videos, this channel encompasses it all.


2. Red Bull: 3,570,336 Subscribers

If you want to experience “action sports”, the Red Bull channel is the place to go.

“…prepare for your “stoke factor” to be at an all time high” says the channel description.

An example of the type of videos you’ll find include the video titles “Breathtaking high altitude acrobatic skydiving“, “The next generation of big air snowboarders“, “Grinding through steep uphill bike race“.


3. Dude Perfect: 2,824,083 Subscribers

‘Dude Perfect’ comprises of 5 guys that mix sports and comedy. Though they post a variety of videos, ‘Dude Perfect’ seems to specialize in trick shots.

Even Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel got into the act in one of their videos, in which he made what was dubbed as the “World’s Longest Football Shot”, shown below.


4. Go Pro: 1,999,833 Subscribers

“From the depths of the sea to the edges of outer space, experience life’s most incredible moments as captured by GoPro—maker of the world’s most versatile camera”, says the channel description.


5. Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”: 1,682,719 Subscribers

Though listed as a Sports Youtube Channel, the Grant Thompson channel is really more of a channel for cool, interesting, and ‘life-hacking’ experiments that are nonetheless certainly worth a view.

Below is a tutorial on how to breathe dragon smoke.


6. UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship: 1,643,674 Subscribers

Another self explanatory channel. If you are a fighting fan and want to keep up with the largest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world, the channel keeps you up to date by posting multiple videos and press conferences a day.


7. Nike Football: 1,636,694 Subscribers

Another big sports company, though here football refers to “soccer” for Americans. In this channel, you can catch your favorite stars like Christiano Ronaldo in animation, such as shown below.