Top 10 Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold

February 2, 2016 Updated: October 5, 2018

After news of a photo of a potato selling for over $1,000,000 came out, the internet has been up in arms expressing astonishment over the purchase.

While there are plenty of stunning photographs right at our fingertips ranging in price from completely free to perhaps a couple thousand dollars, some people chose to pay incredible sums for pictures because the shutter was pressed by a famed photographer or for some other reason.

In any case, here are the most extreme examples:

10. “Billy The Kid” (1879-80) by Unknown sold for $2,300,000

(Public domain)

(Public domain)

9. “Chicago Board of Trade” (1997) by Andreas Gursky sold for $2,355,597

8. “Untitled #153” (1985) by Cindy Sherman sold for $2,700,000

7. “The Pond-Moonlight” (1904) by Edward Steichen sold for $2,928,000

6. “Chicago Board of Trade III” (1997) by Andreas Gursky sold for $3,298,755

5. “99 Cent II Diptychon” (2001) by Andreas Gursky sold for $3,346,456

4.”Dead Troops Talk” (1992) by Jeff Wall sold for $3,666,500

3. “Untitled #96” (1981) by Cindy Sherman sold for $3,890,500

2. “Rhein II” (1999) by Andreas Gursky sold for $4,338,500

1. “Phantom” (1999) by Peter Lik sold for $6,500,000

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