Prancing Llama Herding Sheep and 6 Other Epic Sheepherding Techniques

By Jasmina.Davis
August 6, 2014 Updated: August 11, 2014

Do you think that herding animals is all just about getting a dog? Well, its more than that. Watch these videos about herding, we bet you’d we surprised to see some of these crazy ways to do it.


1. Call of the Wild—Cattle Style


2. Another Sheep Protest…


3. How Llamas Herd their Sheep… By Prancing 

Epoch Times Photo
(via Youtube)


4. Turn Your Sheep Herd into a Cyclone


5. “It’s a Car! Let’s Chase It…”


6. Sheep Herding Can’t Get Any More Epic…


7. You Can Actually Herd Sheep With Helicopters…