Too Many Inconsistencies

January 29, 2021 Updated: January 29, 2021

Editor — As a subscriber, I always enjoy your daily online updates and especially the print edition. The article by Conan Milner in the Dec. 16–21 issue of The Epoch Times [“Science of Mask Risks”] was very informative. There were several points that stood out because they weren’t addressed:

  1. Two of the most tyrannical states, NY and CA, have the strictest mask “orders” (they are not laws), yet have the highest incidence of COVID-19 cases. Why isn’t this addressed? A thinking person would say, “If masks work so well, WHY?”
  2. Muslim women wear masks for oppression, compliance, and control. If you don’t think the WHO, NIH, and CDC are working in conjunction with the DNC to oppress American citizens, then you are more charitable than I am.
  3. Why are we even calling this virus a “pandemic” and going so far as to control how we live over something less deadly than a combination of the flu, violence in Democrat-controlled cities, and abortion? The number of deaths from all causes dropped in 2020 in the U.S.—even with a “pandemic.”
  4. Why isn’t the recovery rate from COVID—99.7%—ever addressed when these draconian measures are put in place? I am a 76-year-old widow who has always paid my taxes and has tried to live my life by being fair to all, but I fear going anywhere because I refuse to wear a mask. I am being discriminated against. I am healthy and plan to stay healthy, but I’m heartsick that these tyrants trying to control our lives have so little regard for humanity that they will abide by rising suicide and domestic violence rates all for political motives. The first step toward their control is compliance, i.e., masks.

There are too many inconsistencies to mask-wearing: When four people walk into a restaurant, they must have on a mask. Once they sit down and get water, the masks come off—the same four people occupying the same square footage. Surely I’m not the only one who sees how absurd this is!

OR you line up to board an airplane and are social distancing (six feet), only to sit shoulder to shoulder with strangers and remove your masks to eat. HELLO!!! Does anyone else see that this is like a bad joke—with no punchline???

Thank goodness for Dr. Colleen Huber and Dr. Jay Battacharya for speaking the truth. Remember that Satan operates in darkness through lies and deception. Our Lord Jesus Christ walks in light and truth. Only when everyone leaves the darkness and speaks the truth (including your journalists) can our country begin to heal and recover from this nightmare.

My truth is that a mask will damage my health. Who is looking out for me?

Karen Duddlesten