Too Busy to Take Time for Yourself?

February 17, 2013 Updated: April 3, 2013

If you are anything like me, my morning makeup routine must be quick, efficient, and enjoyable. With lunches to throw together, kids to get dressed, and a healthy breakfast to make, I have little time left to look as though I didn’t just roll out of bed.

Here is my short list of multitasking products that save time and space, yet still feel really good.

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser
Start the day by washing your face with this gentle, non-foaming cleanser.

It cleans, exfoliates, reduces the appearance of pores, and tones the skin without drying it out.

Plus the delicate bittersweet Neroli blends harmoniously with the fresh citrus notes of grapefruit creating a scent that awakens the senses so pleasantly.

Suntegrity ‘5 in 1’ Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen
As the name says, this product treats, hydrates, protects, primes, and covers the skin.

It uses only natural ingredients and was featured in the Best Sunscreens category on the Environmental Working Group’s 2012 Sunscreen Guide.

It comes in Light and Medium shades that match most skin tones.

Jane Iredale CircleDelete Concealer

If I have a little extra time, I’ll dab on this concealer to cover any remnants of a poor night’s sleep.

It doubles as an eye treatment too, as it contains conditioners like avocado oil and jojoba esters, both high in vitamins A, C, D, and E, as well as green tea extract, which is an antioxidant.

Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm

This multitasking product is an easy-to-apply balm to add color to lips, cheeks, forehead, nose, décolletage, or anywhere you want to add an instant color glow.

It contains 85 percent certified organic ingredients like organic olive, coconut, and jojoba oils to moisturize and soften the skin; organic beeswax to protect and hydrate; and organic aloe vera to condition and soothe.

Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner

This brush-tipped pen easily glides across the lash line and boosts eyelash volume, length, and thickness thanks to the nutrients in the serum. You don’t need a separate brush, either.

For just under $11, you really can’t beat the value of this multitasking product.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner
When a beauty expert recommends a product that she’s not selling, I listen! That’s how I discovered WEN Cleansing Conditioner. Julie Lindh, esthetician and skin care guru, shared on her blog that it was doing wonderful things for her hair—and it’s proven true for me, too.

After testing out a 12-ounce bottle of this shampoo, I can honestly say that my hair color looks richer and my hair feels healthier.

It is touted as taking the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner, and even shaving cream.

 Bye-bye multiple haircare products.

Bubble & Bee Peppermint Vanilla Salt Scrub
This salt scrub not only exfoliates the skin, but the natural oils also moisturize and cleanse, leaving skin smooth and soft. Plus, the mint scent wakes up the senses and refreshes—exactly what is needed at the start of a busy day.