Tom Hanks’ Son, Chet, in Rehab for Cocaine Addiction: Report Claims

November 25, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Tom Hanks’ son, Chester “Chet” Hanks, has reportedly entered rehab in secret for cocaine addiction.

According to a report from RadarOnline on Tuesday, Chet was “secretly” admitted into rehab.

“I’ve been struggling with substance abuse since I was 16 years old,” Chet wrote on Instagram on Nov. 19. “Finally at the age of 24 I decided to get some help,” he added.

“With 50 days of sobriety under my belt, I can honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” he later stated. “I’m thankful for my family and everybody that cares about me, including my fans. I’ve been blessed with the programs of AA and NA which allow me to rise above this disease. I’m learning to accept my faults and be ok with being human. If anybody that sees this struggles with addiction, feel free to reach out. Thank you all for the love and support! GOD IS REAL!!!”

Chet, known as “Chet Haze,” is the son of Hanks and Rita Wilson. He rapped under the moniker, making references to using drugs and alcohol.

“Chet developed a problem with cocaine this year,” a source said, according to Star Magazine. “He was always a big pot smoker, but I never thought he’d go in this direction, and to the degree that he had to spend time in rehab in California this fall.”

“Of course, this was devastating to his dad and mom …” the source continued. “But they’ve done everything they can to help him, and fully supported him in his decision to get sober.”

About two years ago, NY Magazine did an interview with Chet. He told the publication that he’s paying for his music career with money he makes acting.

“My parents told me, ‘If you want money, then you can come to us and then we can give you a job.’ When I was a little kid, it was washing my dad’s car,” he told the magazine.