Tokyo AI Convention Showcases Scary Mind-Reading Robot Technology

June 28, 2017 Updated: June 28, 2017

Tokyo’s 1st AI Expo pushed computer technology limits. Robots detected human emotions and states of calmness as groups sat in meditation. Somehow, the states of minds of participants could be measured through headsets and represented on screen as flowers.

Also on display was facial recognition technology more advanced than anything previously seen.

Atsushi Kawamura, Demonstrator and Senior Researcher at Sensetime Japan Ltd., talked about the new strides his company has made.

“The idea of facial recognition has been out there in the past but the lack of accuracy prevented the technology from being used well. AI enhanced this accuracy enormously with the deep learning method, and I believe we’ve reached a level which enables us to use this technology in the real world.”

Robots were even on the convention floor predicting what wine would be tastiest to an individual’s taste buds. By first having a taste and then filling out a questionnaire, a robot would tell you what wine you’d like best.

Demonstrator and Employee of Logistics Solution Developer Vinx, Natsumi Hashimoto, talked about how the tech works.

“Each person feels sweetness or bitterness in different ways, so wine recommended by an expert may not necessarily taste good to a customer. But AI can accurately figure out your favorite taste and suggest the perfect bottle for you.”

The AI Expo hosts 110 exhibitors both from Japan and abroad. At least 63,000 visitors are expected. The expo is part of the larger Content Tokyo 2017 trade show which hosts seven different specialized themed exhibitions.