Toddler Wrecks Grandma’s Black Carpet With Tin of White Paint

November 16, 2017 Updated: November 16, 2017

His mum turned her back for only 30 seconds, but it was enough for a cheeky toddler to wreck grandma’s £1,000 carpet.

A video of 18 month-year-old Jacob Frew shows the aftermath of what happens when a toddler’s natural curiosity meets a sealed tin of white gloss paint and an expensive black hallway carpet.

His mother Nicola had stepped away for just 30 seconds to put away some toys, and was shocked to discover what Jacob had done in such a short space of time.

They had been staying with Jacob’s grandma in Brenda while their own house in Lanarkshire, Scotland was being redecorated.

Ironically, she had chosen the black carpet because it wouldn’t show the dirt.

After tipping the white paint everywhere, Jacob was whisked into the bath, and successfully cleaned down. The same couldn’t be said for the hallway carpet.

“I couldn’t believe he’d managed to create such a disaster in less than one minute, there was gloss paint all over the black carpet, it looked awful,” Jacob’s mum Nicola Frisk, 33, told the Daily Mail.

“I have no idea how Jacob managed to open the paint as it was a new pot and they’re normally always so secure.

“I’m guessing he tipped it up and then fell on his bum as it went all over the floor.

‘The first thing I did was put him in the bath as it was gloss.”

Oblivious to the chaos he had caused, Jacob chuckled at his mother as she desperately scrubbed at the white paint in vain, and was forced to rip out the carpet.

“My mum only opted for black carpet throughout her house costing around £1,000 as she thought it wouldn’t show up any dirt or stains,” said Nicola.

“I don’t think she’d ever considered that one day it would be covered in thick white gloss.

“We tried to save it but the more I scrubbed, the worse it looked, there was no salvaging it.”

Her mum was less than impressed when she first called her to tell her about the accident, but now she sees the funny side, said Nicola.

“My mum was going to use the gloss to paint her house again in a few weeks but now the flooring needs replacing, she might need to move in with us.”

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