Toddler Caught in Middle of Florida Mall Brawl

December 20, 2017 Updated: December 20, 2017

So much for holiday spirit.

Video footage shows the moment six women brawl in front of Victoria’s Secret in a mall in Fort Myers, Florida, as a toddler gets caught in the center of it all.

The clip, posted by David Milburn, shows the women stomping on another as she tries to cower and protect herself. A boy who was being pushed in a toy car stroller could be seen nearby, reported the Miami Herald.

“There was a lot of yelling,” Milburn told KPRC2. “I couldn’t understand what they were saying though. I mean, there (were) just so many of them.”

“No one really intervened no one tried to break it up,” Milburn said of the incident.

According to the KPRC2 report, the fight was apparently motivated by the killing of Samuel Jones, who was shot in Lehigh Acres on Saturday, Dec. 16.

“The girl was down and she pulled the baby over and kicked her in her face and took off running — left the baby,” Milburn said of the child. “The baby was there all by itself, you know, so he stood there to try and kind of make sure I guess nothing happened to the child,” Milburn added.

Milburn said the mall needs to increase security ahead of Christmas.

“They need to step up their game. It’s a big mall; a lot of stuff can happen,” Milburn said.

Police responded to the incident.

“Upon arrival, the incident had already dissipated and police did not find a confrontation going on,” Fort Myers Police Department, Capt. Jay Rodriguez told the News-Press publication. “Approximately two hours later police were called back to the mall in reference to apparent injuries that occurred previously and spoke to complainants.”

Rodriguez added that the victims filed a police report of simple battery.

Linda Deverso-Pakulis, the wife of Lt. Chip Pakulis, of Lee County, also allegedly posted a racist message in connection to the video. The post included a slur and said they should be sent “back to Africa.” The post said, “And they wonder why everyone picks on them? Watch the video! Send them back to Africa! World peace with then begin!”

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that the post containing “racially inappropriate and hateful remarks” was the result of a hack. “The hacking was immediately reported to Facebook by the account holder and the account was subsequently deleted so as to avoid any additional postings,” Undersheriff Carmine Marceno told Fox News.

Deverso-Pakulis later wrote: “Late last night someone posted under my name comments regarding an altercation that took place at the Edison Mall,” Dailymail reported. “As a result I notified Facebook that my account was compromised and I deactivated the account at that time.”

Police said that an investigation into the brawl remains open. The police report stated that six suspects assaulted two women, the station reported. Florida’s Department of Children and Families is investigating.

The footage can be viewed below (Warning: Contains potentially upsetting content):