Tired of Pesky Pests on Your Patio?


If your lovely evenings sitting on your back patio or pool deck are often ruined by biting insects or other pests, there is a solution. Why get chased indoors on a beautiful day or night because of these pests when you can enjoy your time outside under screened protection? If you want to transform your back patio into a see-through fortress, consider a screened area for your backyard.

Screened Area For Your Backyard

There are several options for screening in your outdoor living areas. Screened enclosures, like the ones Southern Aluminum Installations provides in Tampa, Florida, can give you the ability to enjoy the fresh air while being protected from insects while relaxing after a long day. Some screened options include:

  • Screened porches. If you have a deck or porch, consider adding a screened structure to make this an enclosed area, while still having a cool area outside. Sleep outside on hot nights while not worrying about pests disturbing your sleep.

  • Screened patios. Adding a screened area around your patio can give you a place to add beautiful plants and patio furniture that is protected from debris and pests.

  • Pools and spas. Still enjoy the sun and evening sky while relaxing in your pool or spa by screening in your pool area. This gives you the advantage of an indoor pool while still having the elements of an outdoor swimming area. In addition, screening can reduce the cleaning maintenance needed for your pool.

  • Play areas. Keep your kids safe from bug bites and in a contained safe area with a screened play area.

Many of these screened structures are lightweight, made of durable and affordable aluminum. Pre-fabricated panels make these beautiful enclosures quick to install and much less expensive than building a new structure from wood or other materials.

Adding screened areas to your outdoor spaces can create enjoyable outdoor living that is free from insects, debris and other annoyances, while still getting the sun and fresh air you crave. These screened rooms are perfect for outdoor grilling or kitchen areas or any place where you want to keep bugs and other objects out, while still spending time in the fresh air.