Tired of Chasing After New Business? How to Get Chased!

May 5, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Distinction. We’ve all heard the word before and, as business owners, we almost all try to position ourselves as distinct experts in our field. But unlike other generic terms such as “problem resolution” or “solution orientated” that have lost their meaning because of their overuse, distinction remains well….distinct. It’s really used only to describe the best of the best or, in some case, the ones that simply stand out from the herd. But, what does it take to get to that level? What is the magic element X that transforms a mediocre company into one that is chased for business, expertise and knowledge?

It’s Called Experiential Marketing And It Doesn’t Need To Involve A Million Dollar Budget. Experiential Marketing is a marketing tool used to create emotional ties with a brand or company through engaging and positive experiences. For example, if you send a current client a $5 Starbucks card on her birthday just to say Happy Birthday that person will tell 5-6 of her friends. She might even put it on social media and create some brand awareness. But more importantly, she will be 60% more likely to return or stay as a customer. Do you see how this could result in people chasing you for business?

Fun Fact: It costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one – Bain & Company.

So, if you are tired of running after new business and you want to have easy referrals, creating an experiential sales funnel that keeps your clients engaged is absolutely for you.

I Know, You’re Mad You’ve Never Heard Of This Before. The more you understand the word “experience” the more you realize that it’s in every part of your business from when you call a client to follow-up, prospecting and presenting. It’s every single time you have a communication – either online or offline – with a prospect or client. And, if done well, results in hundreds of opportunities each day to impact your current clients for increase in loyalty, referrals and your reputation. Think of some of the top brands today – Netflix, Zappos, Adidas, Red Bull – they all have the same things in common: impeccable customer service, strong brand engagement and experiential strategies (Zappos gives away free pairs of shoes!). All of these things are elements of experiential marketing because they all deal with the experience your company delivers when customers interact with you.

Experiment: Make a list of your top 3 clients who you know LOVE working with you. Craft a positive experience for them (tickets, coupons, thank you email or letter, etc.) and then watch the reaction.

Want to know how to craft experiential sales funnels that help engage current clients to generate easy referrals? Popcorn Productions is one of the first experiential marketing companies for small to mid-size business looking to make a HUGE impact by being distinct. For more info email us at info@popcornprod.com.