Tips to Stop Getting Calls from Numbers You Don’t Want

November 15, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016


Everybody has experienced the moment when they get a call from a number that they really don’t want to hear from. This could be because of several reasons, but most of the time, you’ve given out your number to people without realising. Thankfully, there are ways you can stop numbers from calling you, no matter where the call is from. Here are a few tips for stopping the phone calls that you really don’t want.


  1. Calls from an ex

We all know what the relentless calls from an ex are like, whether they want you back or they simply want to call for an argument. While you might not feel ready to stop talking to your ex altogether, you certainly don’t want to pick up the calls every hour throughout the day. Most people rush to delete their exes from their contacts once they’ve broken up. However, this isn’t the best option either, since you’ll never be able to tell if they’re ringing you! This greatly increases the chances of you accidentally picking up the call. You should definitely keep them in your contacts (and change their name if you really must!) just to make sure that you know who’s calling. You can alternatively block their number altogether so they’ll never actually get through to you, although as previously mentioned, this isn’t always the preferred option.


  1. Calls from sales people

Unfortunately, there isn’t any real way to make sure that you never answer any calls from sales people. However, you can avoid these as much as possible by not answering any calls from unknown numbers. By doing this, you make sure that you only ever answer calls from those you know, but it also means that you might miss other important phone calls from numbers you don’t know, such as people calling to return a missing item, a potential job interview or calls from friends whose numbers you haven’t saved in your contacts yet. It’s also easy to spot the sales phone calls if you know what the general phone number code is which they use. You can also choose to ignore a phone call and then check the number to see if it is a popular sales or scam phone number.


  1. Check phone numbers

Reverse Australia is an example of a website where you can check out different phone numbers to see who has called you. You can see who has called without actually answering the phone call and having all the hassle of talking to a sales person who may be relentless and never give up. While you’re checking out the phone numbers of other people and it’s helping you, don’t forget to leave some feedback about pesky numbers and calls that you might have received yourself! This will greatly help other people like you who might be doing all they can to avoid getting nuisance phone calls!


  1. Contact the correct company and ask them to remove your number from the lists

You might not be aware of this, but your phone number is most likely on a list where people can get hold of it and give you a phone call to try and sell you some new products. While you might not have agreed to this knowingly, you have probably agreed to it somewhere along the line. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t request that your number be taken off the list. Simply get in touch with the relevant company and ask them to remove your name and number from the list. The company in question will depend on which country you live in and on some occasions, which area you live in too. If you ever do get nuisance phone calls after this, you can simply tell them that you have been removed from the list and they shouldn’t be calling you. Because they are likely to be breaking the law in these circumstances, you will probably discover that they’ll hang up as quickly as possible before you can get any information from them or find out who is calling!


Remember! Never give out your information over the phone to companies unless you’re 100% certain that they are a genuine company. If you’re not sure or people call asking for money for charities, get in touch with the charity and ask if they have been calling asking for donations. Under no circumstances should you give out personal or bank details over the phone to people you’re not certain are legitimate. If there are any phone calls that you feel particularly worried about, remember that you can always contact the police to report it, and if you feel like you’re being stalked or are in danger.