Tips on How to Effectively Build a Muscular Body

By Joe Fortunato
Joe Fortunato
Joe Fortunato
Joe Fortunato is a freelance writer based out of Tampa, Florida. He enjoys writing on whatever issues life may throw his way, long walks on the beach, bass fishing, and coaching youth baseball.
November 19, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

These days, you can’t look anywhere without seeing a barrage of what seems to be the image for the perfect male body on billboards and on television. Everywhere you look, there are celebrities with their perfect abs on display. This makes it easy to forget how difficult it is and how much effort it takes to build a muscular body like that. However, with a few tips, hard work and dedication you too can attain a Ryan Gosling-like body.


1. Eat more protein.


In order to gain a more muscular figure, you need to introduce more protein in your diet. This means you have to start eating things like lean beef and eggs. If you aren’t a fan of meat or eggs, you can always try drinking protein shakes or other supplement shakes instead. One such product is called Creatine HCL, it helps you not to not only build your muscles, but it also helps rid you off the fat taking its place. Another way you can incorporate more protein in your diet is by eating nuts, as they are high in protein and very good for you. If you do start eating more meat, make sure you build up your intake of it slowly, instead of trying to meat with every meal, try having it just for dinner, then maybe as a snack and finally building it up to the point where you eat portions of meat throughout the day. Protein boosts your energy, gives you the nutrients you actually need in your diet, and it allows you to have more muscle mass.


2.Exercise your whole body.

Most people when they start going to the gym only focus on one aspect of their body, making them look disproportionate and unhealthy. It’s very common for people to focus on perhaps just their abs and biceps and totally ignoring their thighs and calves. One way to avoid this common mistake is by having a schedule, where you could write down which day you want to work on which part of your body. Having a chart with days of the week corresponding with certain exercises, will allow you to maximize your time at the gym while getting an overall more muscular build. If going to the gym gets too tedious, you can always go for a run, perhaps with a friend to keep it interesting. If you are unsure of what exercises to do for a specific body part, such as your chest, you can talk to your fellow gym mates and see if they have any tips.


3. Stay away from alcoholic drinks


Steer clear of any and all alcololic beverages, as all they do is give you unnecessary calories that turn into fat. Unfortunately, this goes against any progress you’ve made thus far. It also causes other health concerns such as liver diseases, high blood pressure and strokes. Moreover, drinking alcohol depletes your testosterone levels which is one of the key factors in muscle building. Alcohol can also cause overeating, which will result in the dreaded “beer belly”.  This is definitely something you don’t want, and is obviously detrimental to your health when you are trying to have a more muscular body. You’re likely to end up with the opposite of what you’re actually trying to achieve, and you won’t see the best results because you’re given your body two different and very opposite signals.


  1. Don’t give up!

Remember that with any type of exercise, diet, healthy lifestyle or body building regime, you have to persevere and don’t give up no matter what happens. Those who give up usually become depressed due to the fact that they’re not seeing great results anymore, whereas those who carry on through thick and thin will become stronger, happier and more successful than ever. Whenever you’re feeling not quite as motivated as you should, think about the body that you’re striving to get, and that will hopefully give you the motivation you need to get up and go to the gym to work out once again. Displaying some inspirational quotes on your bedroom walls or computer background can also help in giving you a bit of a boost when you need it the most.

Joe Fortunato is a freelance writer based out of Tampa, Florida. He enjoys writing on whatever issues life may throw his way, long walks on the beach, bass fishing, and coaching youth baseball.