Tips for Looking After Your Teeth

By Chris Grasso
Chris Grasso
Chris Grasso
Chris is a freelance writer who also enjoy going fishing. He enjoys the sunshine and all kinds of outdoor activities. Email Chris at
November 28, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Who doesn’t want a perfect smile that seems to brighten up the room when they walk in? While it’s great to have a dazzling set of pearly whites, it doesn’t come without any effort. Unfortunately, like most good things in life, you have to put in a decent amount of effort in order to achieve beautiful teeth. Although you may not have perfectly straight teeth, you can still make them look amazing if you take proper care of them, and here are a few tips to help you along.


  1. Choose a good toothpaste

Don’t choose the cheapest toothpaste because you’re on a budget, since although they will clean your teeth, they don’t really work the best. However, don’t fall for the highly expensive toothpastes which boast that you’ll magically have shiny white teeth in a couple of weeks. Most of these will slightly enhance your teeth depending on how badly stained they are, but the adverts are mostly exaggerated. Choose a fluoridated toothpaste, since these lessen the risk of getting decay in your teeth.


  1. Brush regularly (but not too much!)

It can actually damage your teeth if you brush them too much, so don’t be under the impression that you can brush your teeth 6-7 times a day and they’ll be perfect. You should aim to brush your teeth twice a day, and not much more than 3-4. Be careful at which times of the day you brush too, since brushing after drinking acidic drinks can damage them. While it’s good to brush your teeth fairly soon after drinking or eating, it all depends on what you have been consuming.


  1. Be careful with the beverages you choose

You should avoid tea, coffee and fizzy drinks such as Pepsi if you want to have lovely white teeth. These drinks will stain your teeth badly, and unfortunately, once they have been stained, it’s much more difficult to get the stains off and reverse the procedure. Drinking water is very good for your teeth (and the rest of your body), so it pays to drink plenty of this. Water is also the safest thing to drink, so you don’t have to worry about it staining your teeth at all.


  1. Fix any problems

If you have any problems with your teeth, don’t be afraid of going to the dentist. If you’ve had fears of the dentist your whole life (which many people have), try changing dentists and trying out some of the others in your area. There are dentists which really try to put people at ease, making the whole experience much more pleasant than usual. If you have any damage to your teeth, it is worth considering going to a cosmetic dentist Scottsdale who will be able to repair any damages or cracks in your teeth. This will prevent any further damage occurring and will make it easier to look after your teeth.


  1. Don’t forget the floss!

Many people either completely forget about floss or just skip it since they find it much too time-consuming. However, this is actually a very important part of your daily dental hygiene, and is arguably more important than brushing. When you do floss, don’t floss too quickly, or your gums can end up bleeding. You should floss in a steady, slow motion in order to achieve the best effects.


  1. Avoid artificial whitening

There are dozens of artificial whitening products out there on the market, and there are also beauticians who have teeth whitening equipment. However, this isn’t the same as getting them cleaned and polished by your dentist, and artificial whitening treatments can damage your teeth. It also makes your teeth look somewhat unnatural and almost too white, so think carefully before taking up the appealing offer of having your teeth whitened by somebody other than a dentist.


  1. Keep sugary foods to a minimum

While sugary foods are incredibly tasty, your teeth won’t be thanking you for it in the long term. Keep these types of foods to a minimum if you want to have beautiful, healthy, white teeth. It will also prevent gum decay, which is ultimately what causes your teeth to fall out as you grow into old age.

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Chris Grasso
Chris is a freelance writer who also enjoy going fishing. He enjoys the sunshine and all kinds of outdoor activities. Email Chris at