Tips For Keeping Your Business Information Secure

March 6, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Hacking is something that happens regardless of how big a company might be, this can happen to any business if they aren’t as safe as they can be, just ask Sony who was hacked. The information of your employees, customers, and financial records should be under the tightest security possible online. The tips that are about to follow are not a failsafe but they can help you avoid a potentially devastating and invasive attack.

Change Passwords

Many companies do not remember to change to default passwords of the computer system they have after the computer was set up. These default passwords are very generic and are relatively easy to hack into even for an amateur hacker. Passwords for the internet should be changed if Wi-Fi is used in the office as a hacker could gain access to your network with ease especially if the generic password has not been changed. A more secure variety of internet is Ethernet because it required the hacker to plug in, most hackers are digital thieves and would be intimidated to enter a building trying to steal information. For secure internet access, you can visit Amcom for Ethernet service who offer business solutions. Changing passwords for certain accounts on software is integral to keep any disgruntled former employees from getting into accounts that could be damaging to the company. Also for this reason, password for accounts should be on a need to know only basis as sometimes before an employee is let go, the wrong information in the wrong hands could cripple a company.

Encrypt Everything You Can

The golden rule for this is, if you wouldn’t want your customers or the public to see it then it should be encrypted. This especially goes for financial information as there is no easier way to have a customer stop using your service or product than to have their financial information compromised. Some of the larger credit cards keep the financials of their clients very secure as businesses make up a large portion of their revenue. Other avenues such as online payment systems often times can be secure but picking the correct one is important. Paypal is very secure but they also tend to freeze funds on account of being overzealous when it comes to strange activity and getting somebody on the phone who can lift the freeze can be difficult. There are numerous complaints about this but as far as security goes, Paypal is the way to go.

Phones Should Be Secure

Requiring that employees have secure telephones is something that hasn’t been an issue in the past. As many people can do a portion of their job via email on their phone and consistently login to software via their company account, having a smartphone hacked can do the same as having a computer hacked. Many people also save passwords on their phones so once it is hacked, both their personal information and the information of the company will be at risk. Furthermore, a stolen phone that ends up in the wrong hands can be an even easier target. A good policy is to pay for security apps and if the employee does not agree to get these free apps then they should not be allowed to conduct company business on their phone.

There are many ways that hackers can gain access to important files, these are just a few ways to stay safe online. Taking these precautions will not only keep you safe but also your customers who will appreciate it.