Tips for Answering Telephone Calls Professionally

December 18, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

How important is answering phone calls in the scope of your business operations?

The reality of the matter is that the receptionists that are answering the phone calls which are directed towards your business are the very first impression that the customer will receive about your business. That first impression will have a direct influence upon the relationship which will potentially develop between your business and that customer. That is why that receptionist who is responsible for answering the phone has to be experienced in telephone etiquette in order to avoid the loss of even one single customer. Even though we live in a world which is abounding with technological advances the old telephone system is still the preferred way when it comes to engaging in matters of business.

It is vital that the response to that call is correct and effective

Although many business owners will see this point as very obvious and to be expected it is nevertheless necessary to repeat it again here because of its vital importance in relation to the handling of business calls. The point which I want to make is the absolute need for that receptionist to answer that phone call as quickly as possible. We live in a world where people are increasingly busy with their own modes of survival and coping with the increasing pressures of the business environment and therefore people no longer have time to wait for their calls to be answered. This is why a receptionist who takes too long to answer the telephone is costing her business a substantial amount in lost revenue. The customer will simply phone the next business on their telephone list. A customer who phones your business is indicating that you are his first choice as a business partner but that can change very quickly simply because his calls are not answered promptly which is indicating to him that you are not interested in his business.

When you change the way you look at things the things you look at will change

This is a critical condition to understand, when your receptionist is continually in a positive attitude of mindwho are never defeated in any situation or circumstance and she continues to provide a answering service which is positive and professional and doing so with a smile on her face that whole attitude rubs off on the customer and causes them to respond more positively to your receptionist. However if you have a receptionist answering your phones who is constantly moody and who has a very negative viewpoint of prospective customers and the world in general then this will not have a good effect on those customers who are making contact with your business. This is a vital condition to understand and one which a business owner has to take in consideration to avoid any negative condition from developing. That first impression is absolutely vital and a business has to do everything in their power to ensure that the customer is accommodated in any way possible.