Tips and Tidbits For Parents and Teachers

Book Review
December 16, 2014 Updated: December 17, 2014

“Tips and Tidbits For Parents and Teachers”, a 426 page book, written by Canadian citizen, Pat Kozyra after 50 years of classroom experience (the last 13 of which have been in Hong Kong), passes on a wealth of information for teachers in the process of developing their skills, and for parents bringing up children. Indeed even experienced teachers may like to compare notes.

The title of the book totally underestimates its content and usefulness. This is not “Tips and Tidbits” from 50 years of teaching, it is a veritable encyclopedia for parents and probably also for teachers. It provides so much valuable information not only directly from the experiences of the author, but combines this with selected writings by educational specialists that Kozyra found useful during her teaching career, and provides many references for further reading. The scope of the book is huge, touching on so many different aspects of the learning process.

In the Preface to parents Kozyra says, “Please know that the intent of this book is not to lecture or to preach… I merely wish to give suggestions and ideas that I have used, or tell about things that I have seen work, or share what I learned, often through trial and error, from studying, from reading, and from expert advice.”

This sets the tone of the book that is written in a very readable, interesting, and informative style. Every section has gems of information together with useful checklists and suggestions.

To teachers Kozyra says, “Consider this book like a cookbook with ‘tried and true’ recipes. Consider me the mentor you can ask for advice. … do I have all the answers? No, no, no, but perhaps this book will encourage you to do further research on the web, in bookstores, or a library.”

The 77 Chapter headings act as a quick reference for finding topics of interest and the author provides many references that can be used for further research.

I find this book fascinating, very informative, and providing information on so many different aspects of the learning process, providing parents, and teachers with a host of ‘tried and tested’ ideas for furthering the development of their charges instilling them with enthusiasm, confidence, individual thinking, and creativity.

Questionnaires, checklists, guidance notes, and ideas to help with developing the minds of the very young and older students are included. It provides booklists and methods of determining the right level of books for different stages of reading development. Discussions can be found on levels of ability, how to recognize these and how to cope with children with learning difficulties and the gifted child.

The only way for you to gain a true understanding of its value is to read it for yourself. I am sure you will not be disappointed, and I expect many will not only keep it on their bookshelves, but will refer to it often.

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