Tiny Puppy Rescued from a Freezing-Cold River Promptly Adopted by Police Officer

February 19, 2019 Updated: February 20, 2019

A tiny pit bull puppy was rescued from certain death on the banks of the Halifax River in Florida. She was found under Seabreeze Bridge on one of the coldest mornings in living memory at Daytona Beach.

Officers John Pearson and James Lee received an anonymous call in mid-January about an abandoned puppy under Seabreeze Bridge. It was 27 degrees Fahrenheit (approx. -3 degrees Celsius) and ice-cold when they rushed to the scene.

Take a look at this precious puppy. This little pit bull was near death on Thursday morning under the Seabreeze Bridge…

Daytona Beach Police Department 发布于 2018年1月19日周五

The gray-and-white pup was no more than a few weeks old. She was shivering uncontrollably and would have died if it were not for the anonymous caller. It was reported by Lyda Long, a police spokesman, that the drenched pup was found stuck between two rocks near the river.

The officers rushed her back to the truck, where they cranked up the heater and wrapped her in a towel, hoping to save her.

Officer Pearson’s emotional voice was heard in the video clip, saying, “I’m just trying to warm him up a little bit, dry him off,” Pearson said. ” … I want to take her home.”

“This puppy was picked up under the Seabreeze Bridge, somebody had it contained,” Lee said. “Eyes are open. Don’t know how long [s]he’s been outside but [s]he is freezing, [we’re] trying to get h[er] warm. [S]he was cold and wet, we’re taking care of h[er].”

Daytona Beach Police Department 发布于 2018年1月19日周五

The officers drove the pup to Halifax Humane Society’s shelter, where volunteers immediately started treating her and, to everyone’s relief, saved her life.

“She was basically freezing to death,” said Barry KuKes, community outreach director for the Halifax Humane Society.

The veterinarian at the shelter named the pit bull puppy River.

Daytona Beach Police Department 发布于 2018年1月19日周五

Daytona Beach Police Department posted pictures of River to their Facebook page and wrote: “We really want to thank the person, whoever you are, who called and let DBPD know that River had been left to die under the Seabreeze Bridge in mid-January.”

A huge public outpouring of good wishes came in response to the post. One DBPD officer, District One’s Kera Cantrell, who was checking on an injured dog at Halifax Humane Society, learned that the dog had been adopted.

River, from freezing puppy to safe and warming hearts 发布于 2018年4月28日周六

During this visit, a staff member asked her if she would like to meet River.

Instantly, her heart was stolen. “She’s mine, I knew,” she said.

“This beautiful, spunky puppy was nursed back to health at Halifax Humane Society,” the DBPD wrote online.

“One DBPD officer kept visiting River while she recovered. That officer, District One’s Kera Cantrell, fell in love with this little canine and the feeling was mutual!”

UPDATE ON RIVER THE FROZEN PUPPY: This is the kind of update we love at DBPD. Of course you remember River, the pit bull…

Daytona Beach Police Department 发布于 2018年2月5日周一

Officer Cantrell wasn’t planning on another pet, but River was too cute and irresistible.

On Jan. 21, when she first saw River, Cantrell said: “She was this teeny tiny little thing. I grabbed her and pulled her out of the kennel she was in, I put her up to my chest and she snuggled up under my neck—and went to sleep.”

“It’s heart-wrenching,” Cantrell said. “I sat there and bawled my eyes out.”

LOOK HOW MUCH I’VE GROWN!!!! I’m 5 months old now!

River, from freezing puppy to safe and warming hearts 发布于 2018年5月21日周一

Officer Cantrell was determined that River would never suffer being cold again. She dressed the pup warmly in a baby’s onesie during the freezing winter months.

“She’s never going to be freezing again,” she vowed.

River, from freezing puppy to safe and warming hearts 发布于 2018年3月5日周一

Now, River is thriving in the friendly atmosphere of Officer Cantrell’s home with friends Mojo, Duck, and Goose—all rescued dogs.

She is growing up to be a sweet, trusting dog and is a joy to all who meet her.

River, from freezing puppy to safe and warming hearts 发布于 2018年11月12日周一

And when River gets anxious she climbs onto Cantrell’s lap.

“She survived it,” Cantrell said. “She’s a fighter, She’s an amazing little girl.”

River, from freezing puppy to safe and warming hearts 发布于 2018年5月3日周四

Police spokesperson Lyda Longa took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of caring for a pet and said if people cannot care for them, they should reach out for help rather than abandon them, as per Today.

“If someone does not have transportation, they can still call 911 and say that they have an animal to surrender and police will assist,” she said.