Tina Seals, Beyonce: Could Woman Who Filed for Maternity of Blue Ivy Get Custody?

Tina Seals, a New York woman, has come forward to claim that she may be Blue Ivy Carter’s real mother, a position many associate with Beyonce.

Seals filed a maternity suit against Beyonce and Jay-Z, claiming that she was “previously associated” with the couple, and asking the court “to verify whether she is the biological mother.”

Seals has previously claimed to have been the mother of other famous couple’s children, including North, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and Prince George, the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William, reported the Daily Mail.

But Beyonce’s pregnancy has been called into question, particularly after a television appearance during which the singer’s stomach appeared to change shape as she sat down.

Beyonce later said the allegations were “crazy” and said that it was “a fabric that folded.”

The case against the couple comes a week after a suit Seals filed against Kardashian and West was thrown out of court for being “clearly baseless.”

Seals said in papers filed in mid-July that she was “associated with defendants regarding birth of Doe [North West].”

Seals requested she be allowed “to formalize” agreement with the couple, insisting on a contract “for services rendered.”

She said she’d forgo any financial settlement if West agreed to sign her 22-year-old son to a record deal. The judge said the allegations were “the product of delusion or fantasy.”

The Hollywood Gossip reported that Seals also once sued the U.S. government because “Barack Obama and company” were claiming that Seals was an “AWOL Congresswoman.”

She tried to get $5 million in that case.

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