Tim Hortons Tests New Colombian Coffee in Canada

April 1, 2015 Updated: April 1, 2015

Coffee drinkers have another option on the menu at select Tim Hortons locations starting April 1, as the chain looks to be taken more seriously with java connoisseurs.

For the first time, Tim Hortons is serving a single-origin coffee brew as part of a test run across five markets in certain parts of Canada.

The limited-edition Three Peaks Colombian is sourced from Cauca, Colombia, and will be sold at a premium price.

Three Peaks Colombian will be tested over an eight-week period in Sudbury and North Bay, Ont; Saint John and Moncton, N.B; and Abitibi, Que., the company said.

A spokeswoman for the company said the new brew will sell at a 15 percent premium to a regular cup of coffee.

Last summer, Tim Hortons rolled out a dark roast nationwide as a way to show it wasn’t just a monosyllabic coffee company. So far, dark roast has sold 85 million cups, it said.

Tim Hortons president and chief operating officer David Clanachan said he expects the Three Peaks Colombian brew will also be embraced enthusiastically by customers.

“If it plays out the way we think, we’ll probably get the same kind of response we got with dark roast,” Clanachan said in an interview.

If the single-origin coffee brew takes off in test markets then Tim Hortons will expand the flavour across the country, Clanachan said.