Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, De Niro Thank Gary Sinise for Helping Vets in Star-Studded Tribute

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
February 13, 2019 Updated: February 14, 2019

Robin Rand, CEO of the Gary Sinise Foundation, brought together numerous Hollywood celebrities and veterans to join him to show appreciation to Gary Sinise for his active service to military veterans, first responders, and families in a surprise video.

The flattering tribute was shared online on Feb. 12—the same day Gary’s memoir, “Grateful American – A Journey From Self to Service,” was released.

Forrest Gump cast members; Mykelti Williamson, Gary Sinise, and Tom Hanks pose with 21st Annual People’s Choice Awards for best drama and movie.(©Getty Images | Vince Bucci/AFP)

Gary Sinise is known for his roles in Apollo 13, Ransom, CSI: NY, and Forrest Gump.

To inspire people to find purpose through serving others, Gary detailed how he discovered his life’s true calling in his recent book.

“[The book] expanded into a broader look at how I got [into] all that service work, how that shaped who I am,” Gary said.

Clint, thanks for the kind words and support. I’m grateful for you, my friend. www.gratefulamericanbook.com

Gepostet von Gary Sinise am Freitag, 25. Januar 2019

Hey Folks,A big thank you to everyone who has preordered my new book, Grateful American, set to release in 3 days!…

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On the day Gary’s memoir was available to the public, the Gary Sinise Foundation also took the opportunity to publish a surprise video called “#GratefulLikeGary” online to honor his dedication.

The video features an all-star salute to the Forrest Gump’s Lieutenant Dan Taylor.

Various Hollywood celebrities, including Tom Hanks, Kristin Chenoweth, Ron Howard, Joe Mantegna, Rob Lowe, Robert De Niro, Maria Shriver, Kellie Pickler, Tim Allen, Gayle King, Mayim Bialik, and Jay Leno, along with Robin Rand, CEO of the Gary Sinise Foundation, appreciated him for his four-decade-long work.

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Gepostet von Kristin Chenoweth am Montag, 4. Februar 2019

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Gepostet von Tim Allen am Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Each of the actors gave thanks to Gary for his selfless service, with the aim to spread goodwill and encourage others to participate in the social media campaign #GratefulLikeGary to show their appreciation for someone who bestowed kindness in their life.

In the video, Apollo 13 director Ron Howard says: “Your commitment, your dedication, you are awesome.”

“You’re greatly appreciated coast to coast in the U.S. And base to base across the globe,” praises country singer Kellie Pickler.

“It’s really heartwarming and so incredibly meaningful… all of the amazing things that you do,” enthuses Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik.

The video ends with Gary’s co-actor in Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks, showing his gratitude to him with a smile: “Thanks, Lieutenant. Dan!”


But it wasn’t just celebrities who showed their appreciation; war veterans, first responders, and Gold Star families joined in to express their sincere gratitude to Gary.

“As you can see we’re in front of this beautiful house right now,” said one veteran, a recipient of a new home through the Gary Sinise Foundation’s RISE program.

“We wouldn’t have had it were it not for your kindness, graciousness and your wonderful gift of giving.”

Thank you to all who came out to my first book signing at the Richard Nixon Foundation Library. It was wonderful to…

Gepostet von Gary Sinise am Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019

The video surely came in as an unexpected surprise to Gary.

“Completely shocked and speechless by this surprise video. Incredibly touched and grateful by everyone’s support. I’m crying, so choked up, I thought I’d share,” Gary wrote in a tweet.

From one grateful American to another, thank you Gary for everything you have done through your projects, which have undeniably made a huge difference in the lives of our heroes!

Watch the heartfelt video: