Tila Tequila Alarms Facebook Users With Pro-Hitler, Illuminati Posts

December 16, 2013 Updated: December 16, 2013

Tila Nguyen, known as Tila Tequila–the former MTV reality TV show star–made a series of bizarre postings on Facebook, showing support for the Nazis and Adolf Hitler, while making reference to a Zionist-Illuminati conspiracy.

The bulk of the pro-Hitler-Nazi posts were deleted a few days later.  Nguyen said the whole thing was a satire after users complained that a photo of her wearing a Nazi uniform in front of the death camp Auschwitz was offensive.

“This time I would like to address all the ridiculous rumors all over the Internet that I am now a Nazi just because I made some satire videos, just because I was sympathetic towards other human beings, because God says we should forgive and forget. But unfortunately, some chosen ones who think they are God’s people, refuse to forgive and forget,” she wrote on her blog.

She added: “It all started with a satire photo of some of my fans who made a Photoshop picture of me that says ‘all hail the queen,’ and unbeknownst to me, I didn’t realize it had a little subliminal message in there with a swastika on the hat or whatever. Anyways, that was not my intention. However, with the way I was being unjustly attacked by the, well, the New World Order Zionists, ok, because, first of all, I speak for the people. I am the only one with a platform that is not afraid to speak out for the people.”

The ex-reality star also made references to interstellar wars, aliens, and how she is the reincarnation of the goddess Isis of ancient Egypt.

Other posts make reference to the Illuminati, the New World Order (NWO), Paul Walker’s death, and lizard-people.

Walker, she wrote, was murdered in a “ritualistic” manner. Nguyen drew comparisons to slain Canada woman Elisa Lam, who died under mysterious circumstances last year in Los Angeles.

“I just did not want to draw any attention to myself but I know exactly why they did it and yes it was indeed a ritualistic murder. Just like Paul Walker’s. However, for Lam’s case I have so much detail that it may blow your mind. I know it blew my mind and that’s why I was debating on weather or not I should blog about it as I did not want to have anything to do with it… except for the fact that this ritual murder was directly linked to my ritual murder last year,” she said.

Last year, it was reported that Nguyen almost died of a brain aneurysm, and there were rumors that she attempted suicide by overdosing on pills. She later entered rehab, which she completed in April 2012.