Tiger Family Cool Off at Ranthambore National Park

By Atula Gutpa
Atula Gutpa
Atula Gutpa
July 24, 2014 Updated: July 24, 2014

Indian summers are famous for making even the toughest look for some means to cool off. So when photographer Andy Rouse saw a wild tiger and her cubs dip into the cool water of a lake in India’s Ranthambore National Park, he knew he had the perfect opportunity to click some amazing shots of the trio. Temperatures in the reserve in Rajasthan rose to as much as 44 degree C when Rouse shot Noor and her three month old cubs inside the lake. As the following images show – they were thoroughly enjoying themselves and were in no hurry to get out.

Andy recalls he and his friends were the first among the visiting safari jeeps to spot the tigers.

He said, ‘We were driving around and saw her in the road. Then we saw she had her cubs with her — one was running around, so she picked it up in her mouth and walked the cubs down to the water to cool off. I’ve encountered a lot of wildlife, but this is one of my highlights. It’s an extremely rare thing to see.’

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This article was originally written and published by Atula Gupta, the head administrator for indiasendangered.com. All the photo credit belong exclusively to Andy Rouse. To see the original article, please click HERE. To find more of Andy Rouse’s amazing pictures, please click HERE.