Tibetan Community Leaders Hold Rally to Support Hong Kongers’ Fight for Freedom

August 25, 2019 Updated: May 20, 2020

MELBOURNE, Australia—Tibetan community leaders in Melbourne, including religious and pro-democracy community leaders, rallied on the steps of Victoria’s state library on Aug. 25 in support of Hong Kong’s mass protests.

The rally was coordinated by the Tibetan community, including the Gu Chu Sum Association—an organization consisting of former political prisoners of Tibet.

Speaking at the rally, Lhagri Namgyal Dolker, president of the Gu Chu Sum Association, said the Hong Konger’s fight for freedom moved her community. Tibetan people were also fighting for their freedom against the Chinese communist regime.

“We are here because we understand a freedom movement,” Dolker said. “We will be able to challenge the Chinese communist regime if we stick together.”

Dolker added that the Chinese regime had promised Hong Kong democracy 20 years ago—similar to how the Chinese communist party promised to protect Tibet’s independence. However, what ensued was far from what was promised.

Epoch Times Photo
Lhagri Namgyal Dolker, president of the Gu Chu Sum Association, speaks at a Hong Kong rally in Melbourne, Australia on Aug. 25, 2019. (Grace Yu/Epoch Times)

“… what’s happening in Hong Kong right now is an example to each of us.

“Despite being Chinese controlled, the people know that—especially the youngsters—they are coming out in millions of numbers.”

They have filled all the streets of Hong Kong.

” … letting people know that ‘no, we are not going to take it.'”

Dolker added, “We are out here representing them, we are out here supporting them, and letting our Hong Kong brothers and sisters know that we are so proud of them.”

Epoch Times Photo
Pro-Hong Kong protesters in Melbourne holding a poster at a Hong Kong rally in Melbourne, Australia on 25 August 2019. (Grace Yu/Epoch Times)

Show No Fear To the Chinese Regime

Jane Poon is a representative of the Hong Kong community in Australia. She said that Hong Kongers have to stay strong while they seek to have the now-suspended extradition bill fully withdrawn.

“We fight for our freedom; we fight for our democracy,” Poon said. “All these have been stated in the basic law, which was signed on the joint declaration.”

“We have no fear to fight against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).”

Epoch Times Photo
Jane Poon, a representative of the Hong Kong community in Australia, speaks at a Hong Kong rally in Melbourne, Australia on 25 August 2019. (Grace Yu/Epoch Times)

As the protest in Hong Kong heads into its 12th week, many are concerned about Hong Kong’s brutal use of tear gas and rubber bullets. Over 700 people were arrested according to reports.

“We completely condemn the Hong Kong human rights courts for intervening in the democratic process of protest through the order preventing public demonstrations without authorities consent,” Julia, an Uyghur spokesperson said at the rally.

“It’s been especially heartbreaking for me as a student over the past two weeks to watch students across the world, march in favor of democracy yet watch mainland Chinese students, hurl racial slurs and hate speech at them, in an attempt to curb their passion and enthusiasm.”

“Perhaps until your religion is outlawed, your people are massacred, your organs are harvested, your land is stolen, your mosques, churches, and temples raised, and your hearts a dash, it’s difficult to realize how precious democracy is,” she added.

Prominent Police Presence

Victorian Police was at the rally to contain any possible conflict arising from likely pro-Beijing groups. However, the protest was peaceful, with no noted disorderly conduct.

Epoch Times Photo
Attendees of the peaceful Hong Kong protest in Melbourne, Australia on 25 August 2019. (Grace Yu/Epoch Times)

The peaceful rally was in stark contrast to one held on Aug. 16 at the same location that saw hundreds of pro-Beijing demonstrators hurl verbal abuse and physical attacks on pro-Hong Kong protesters.

Here's one of those pro-Beijing CCP thugs, throwing punches at the ABC cameraman.

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Rebel Jom‎‏ في الجمعة، ١٦ أغسطس ٢٠١٩

Melbourne police break up two clashes between Pro-Hong Kong and Pro-China protesters at the State Library

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Alan Cheung‎‏ في الجمعة، ١٦ أغسطس ٢٠١٩

“For every person who is too scared to be here today, after what happened right here last Friday. We are here because we believe in something better,” the Uyghur spokesperson said.

“All of us have intrinsic human rights. The protests in Hong Kong have had this incredible ripple effect over the past few weeks. They have brought us all together as victims of Central communist party propaganda and persecution,” she added.

Ruan (Frank) Jie, is an editor at the ‘Tiananmen Times’ and chairman of the Chinese Democratic Party Australia. He added that Australians, and those who support Hong Kong and democracy, should not be misled by the Chinese regime.

Epoch Times Photo
Ruan (Frank) Jie, an editor at Tiananmen Times and chairman of the Chinese Democratic Party Australia, speaks at a Hong Kong rally in Melbourne, Australia on 25 August 2019. (Grace Yu/Epoch Times)

“[The CCP] only wants to maintain their dictatorship and corruption,” Frank said, speaking in Chinese.

Addressing mainlanders studying in Australia, Frank added: “relying on the hard-earned money of parents to study here, you should wake up quickly, don’t run with those who are loyal [to the CCP].”

Tenzin Khangsar, president of the Victorian Tibetan Community, said: “The 60 years resistance of the Tibetan people, the resilience of the Hong Kong people—we will prevail eventually, no matter how long it takes.”