Thursday Travel to Design: Inspiration From Japan

Japanese interior design is the epitome of zen! The styles and shapes associated with it are very minimalistic, simple and uncluttered.

One of the hallmarks of traditional Japanese design is zabuton seating. Zabutons are the typical cushion seating that you’ll find in a Japanese home. These are perfect for anyone looking for a truly minimalist style! We love these looks:


Photo Source


Photo Source

If you choose to incorporate zabuton seats into your home, be sure to get accompanying furniture – such as a low-rise table. Here are a couple of great options:


Shop Traditional Japanese Tea Table


Shop Modelle Coffee Table

If you’re going for a Japanese inspired interior, don’t forget the accessories! There are many traditional items to choose from to get the look. A great statement piece is a Japanese style pendant light, like this one:


Shop Shoji Contemporary Kitchen Island / Billiard Light

Other great accessories include throw pillows with Japanese-inspired prints on them. They’re the perfect way to inject some Japanese style into your home – and great for beginners, because they’re inexpensive and can easily be swapped for new patterns.


Shop Red Cherry Blossom Throw Pillow

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