Throwback Thursday: Get the Style From Diane Keaton’s Home in Something’s Gotta Give

April 2, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016
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Blues and neutrals are a great combination of colors to lend a beach-inspired feel to your home, helping you to get the look from “Something’s Gotta Give.”

If you’ve seen “Something’s Gotta Give,” then there’s a good chance that you were impressed with the home. In the movie, Diane Keaton plays Erica Barry, a writer who’s had a string of successful plays and decided to design the house as a gift to herself, creating a home that symbolizes a peaceful life.

The home is practical, yet has a subtle elegance. It features plenty of whites and neutral tones, and plenty of functional details, and features like the huge bookcases, beautiful writing nook, and much-loved wall art, help to give it a lived-in and laid-back feel.

Beth Rubino, the set director for the movie has said, “The house was the 4th main character in that film,” and she’s right. This beach-inspired house has a devoted following of fans who have been inspired to decorate their homes like the one in the movie.

If you’re looking for inspiration on designing your home to mirror some of the details in this movie, here’s how you can get the look.

View: Lucia Pillow
View: Lucia Pillow

The Living Room

With creams, dark blues, and brass features –Erica’s living room is comfortable, practical, and stylish. Of course, she has plenty of open space, which she puts to good use with dark wood floors, built-in bookshelves. White couches, a blue and white striped rug, and throw pillows featuring an array of textured and patterned print slipcovers also help to lend a casual, nautical feel.

View: Laminate Sample in Oiled Soapstone
View: Laminate Sample in Oiled Soapstone

The Kitchen

The kitchen, as in most houses, is where much of the focus is given. Erica’s kitchen features dark floors –offset by white cabinets. Dark countertops –painted to resemble expensive soapstone, may have been partially responsible for the increasing popularity of soapstone countertops! White, glass-front cabinets, and open bookshelves displaying a number of cookbooks work to make this kitchen functional and welcoming. There are also a few pieces of vibrant artwork that help to lend a cheery feel to the kitchen.

View: Cyan Design Abelard Console Table
View: Cyan Design Abelard Console Table

The Bedroom

Erica’s bedroom doubles as a writing room for her, and it incorporates both sleep quarters and a beautiful writing nook. The soft colors continue into this room, which features mainly neutrals and whites. The huge bay windows, built in bookshelves, and light wood floors create a timeless, classic feel, and a whitewashed vintage accent table completes the look.

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