Three-Year-Old Injured by Pit Bull, Receives Free Surgery

June 23, 2014 Updated: June 23, 2014

In April, a 3-year-old girl was brutally mauled by a pit bull. The attack left a little girl with an eye patch and facial scars, and since then, she’s been through a lot.

“Her grandmother had said that a KFC restaurant employee in Mississippi asked them to leave saying that the little girl’s scars from a dog attack were disturbing the other patrons”(HLN).

The Clarion Ledger reports the restaurant has since apologized for the incident and offered the family $30,000 to help pay for the girl’s medical treatment. The story made national news and sparked a massive social media campaign that caught the eye of one Las Vegas surgeon who decided to lend a helping hand.

“Doctor Frank Stile met 3-year-old Victoria Welcher for the first time at Jackson Medgar Evers International Airport Saturday”(WLBT).

Doctor Stile is used to minimizing the facial scars and deformities of UFC fighters. When he learned about Victoria’s story, he was so moved that he offered to perform her surgery at no charge.

“It’s tough enough to be a kid that’s whole. To be a child that has some type of difference makes it exquisitely challenging. I saw Victoria’ s story on the news and on social media, and I was very affected by it,”said Doctor Stile.

Doctor Stile told WLBT contributions to the family have been overflowing. He posted Victoria’s picture and her story on his foundation’s website.

“I can’t thank him enough. I can’t thank his staff enough,” says attorney Lindsey Turk, representative of Victoria and family.

WJTV reports a doctor in Florida had offered to place a prosthetic eye within the next week or two. 

After that, Doctor Stile will monitor Victoria’s facial animation to determine if the three-year-old will need nerve grafts.

Doctor Stile says he feels optimistic about Victoria’s case, but that time is of the essence.