Threats Against Schools Across US Increase Since Florida Shooting

February 22, 2018 Updated: February 22, 2018

Threats against schools across the United States have increased since the shooting in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14.

The Educator’s School Safety Network said it has recorded about 50 threats a day on average since the shooting, which left 17 students and teachers dead and others wounded.

The Ohio-based organization said that the normal average is around 10 threats a day.

“Four school days since the FL tragedy. More than 257 threats during that time. 110 shooting threats, 33 bomb threats, 93 general threats, 11 guns found on school property. All in four days.,” the network said via Facebook.

“More than half were delivered via social media. The most frightening? At least 3 thwarted plots.”

Most of the threats have come from California, with Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, and Illinois rounding out the top five.

Arrests have been taking place across the nation due to the increased threats.

The thwarted plots include one against El Camino High School in the Whittier area in California.

School resource deputy Marino Chavez overheard a student making a shocking statement.

“I guarantee you the school will be shot up in three weeks,” the 17-year-old student was heard telling a classmate, reported The Los Angeles Times.

Chavez called the police, who rushed to the student’s home and recovered two AR-15 rifles, two handguns, and 90 high-capacity magazines.

A middle school student in Ohio shot himself in a bathroom this week and died the next day in the hospital.

Officials said they’re investigating whether the Jackson Memorial Middle School seventh-grader had plans to kill his peers before changing his mind or accidentally shot himself.

Two students in Maryland were arrested this week for making a “mass threat” to Leonardtown High School.

Officers seized 24 guns from their home as well as ammunition.


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