Thousands Rally to Hail Communist Party's Disintegration

By Cindy Drukier, Epoch Times
July 21, 2007 Updated: July 21, 2007

WASHINGTON DC—The Chinese Communist Party is in a state of near collapse under the weight of its moral deterioration, crimes against humanity and the mounting withdrawals from its ranks, said speakers at a mass rally held on July 20 at the Washington Monument in DC.

The rally, followed by a parade through downtown Washington, was organized to celebrate the 24 million Chinese who have renounced their ties to the CCP or its affiliated organizations over the last 2.5 years since the Quit the CCP movement began.

Dr David Gao, Co-founder and President of the Global Service Centre for Quitting the CCP that co-sponsored the event, described the peaceful yet powerful process of the communist regime's disintegration.

The Chinese people carry “5000 years of glorious history and great moral standing,” said Gao, adding that they were now emerging from the “terror and fear” of living under the CCP.

“They are using the most peaceful, most rational and most efficient way to thoroughly abandon and disintegrate the CCP, namely by withdrawing from its organizations,” he said in his address to a crowd of several thousand.

The quit the CCP movement has its origins in The Epoch Times' editorial series, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party , which revealed for the first time to the Chinese population the full extent of the atrocities committed by the CCP throughout its history. Many of the rally's line-up of statesmen, academics, democracy advocates and former communists talked about these crimes.

Timothy Cooper, Executive Director of Worldrights, conducted a mock trial of the CCP declaring it time for the regime “to stand before the bar and answer for its crimes.” He placed on the stand to testify the millions upon millions of victims of successive persecution campaigns including journalists, doctors, all intellectuals, students of Tiananmen Square and Falun Gong practitioners.

Falun Gong is currently the victim of one of the worst persecutions in history, noted several speakers including Dr Damon J. Noto from Doctors against Organ Harvesting. Dr Noto talked about the significant evidence that the recent transplantation boom in China is built on “unethical and unacceptable medical practices,” namely that the CCP is killing imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners to sell their organs.

“It is alarming how tens of thousands of transplantations were performed in the recent years in China without having a public organ donation program in place. It is implausible how transplantations can be scheduled in advance” and on short notice without any organ donation program, explained Dr Noto.

Anti-Chinese Communist Party rally supporters gather in front of the Washington monument on Friday, July 20th. The signs read "Quit CCP, be free". (Dayin Chen/The Epoch Times)
Anti-Chinese Communist Party rally supporters gather in front of the Washington monument on Friday, July 20th. The signs read “Quit CCP, be free”. (Dayin Chen/The Epoch Times)

Significantly, the day's events also coincided with the eighth anniversary of the CCP's brutal suppression of the Falun spiritual practice.

Members of the public who witnessed the events were clearly moved by the message. Bianca Torres, an attorney for the District of Columbia, stopped to watch the parade. She commented that “even the people who are in the parade are brave because if they're saying their government's doing this I'm sure there are repercussions somewhere in the world.” She added quietly, “I just pray to God today to save at least one person through my prayers because I'm sure there are people suffering needlessly.”

Seventeen-year-old Francois visiting the capital from Tours, France felt that those outside China had a responsibility to help the people suffering inside. “Even if nobody says it, in China they torture and kill people,” he said adding that he though it as a good to hold such a demonstration in Washington, the political center of America.

The event's other organizers were The Epoch Times, NTDTV, Sound of Hope Radio and The media organizations worked together to broadcast the proceedings live into China to offer moral support to those aspiring for greater freedom.

Western Political Leaders and Former Communists Support a Democratic China

Rally hosts read out letters from various political leaders conveying their support for a peaceful path to freedom and called upon Western governments to do more to further the cause of democracy in China.

“Having committed such horrible crimes and embodying an evil that can only be considered unpardonable, the Chinese Communist Party is destined to collapse… We in the West are with the Chinese people and support any actions that will end this communist regime in a peaceful way,” said Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice-President of the European Parliament in a letter of support to the rally attendants.

Maryland Congressman Elijah E. Cummings, pledged to “remain persistent in seeking equality and justice for those individuals in the [People's Republic of China] who continue to be unjustifiable oppressed.”

“The ongoing repression of spiritual and religious groups, along with the lack of fundamental human rights protections and freedom of the press in the PRC is simply at unacceptable levels,” wrote Cummings.

Honored guest, Professor Jia Jia, the now famous former General Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts who defected from China last October, joined the rally via phone link-up from exile in Indonesia.

Democracy activists from Laos, Vietnam, Tibet and persecuted Christians also joined the day.

“The darkness fears being exposed to the light, and every voice is a beacon of hope, illuminating every shadow in China's darkest dens,” said a solemn but hopeful Ms Xiaodan Wang from Texas who is fighting for her imprisoned father's freedom and freedom for all Falun Gong practitioners and persecuted people in China.