Thoughts of a Mogul: Tej Kohli and His Thoughts on The Future of UAE Real Estate

January 8, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

Tej Kohli is an entrepreneur, a visionary, and a philanthropist. His efforts with Grafix Softech and Ozone Real Estate have made him a very successful and rich man; not to mention, his fight against curable blindness with the Tej Kohli Foundation has been highly successful. Very few people have the knowledge of the UAE real estate market that he does, so his advice is much sought-after among real estate investment circles. He recently granted us a rare interview, and here’s what he told us. 

You clearly have an extensive background with UAE real estate. How has your experience as an investor in the region given you a unique perspective on it?

I founded Ozone Real Estate in 2008 with the goal of maximizing profitability in real estate investment opportunities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Since then, Ozone has continued to expand its interests in commercial and residential properties throughout the UAE while maintaining its commitment to the highest quality projects and developments.

The UAE is a very special place especially when it comes to real estate.  Being involved in real estate, I have gained a unique perspective on the region by understanding how important it is from a global perspective.  The UAE has become a cross-roads to the world and has been the source of great economic development in the region.

Why is investment in the UAE (Abu Dhabi in particular) an attractive option for investors? What short-term and long-term benefits can they hope to gain from putting their money into this part of the world? 

Investment in the UAE is particularly attractive because of the great deal of growth potential which exists in the region.  In Abu Dhabi in particular, the demand for real estate continues to grow at a steady pace.  Investors can hope to obtain long term gain through investment in the residential and commercial real estate markets in the UAE.  The past year has shown particularly positive growth in Abu Dhabi.

What role does the booming price in oil play in Abu Dhabi’s prosperity? What does this mean for investors hoping to make a long-term investment in the region?

It is undeniable that oil has and will in the near future, play a major role in Abu Dhabi’s economic landscape.  However, as Abu Dhabi and the UAE, in general, continue to diversify their economic bases, the reliance on oil will become less and less.  Hence, the diversification of the UAE economy will provide investors with greater investment opportunities and greater opportunities for growth, especially in the real estate market.

What types of real estate is currently the most profitable for investors looking to put their money into UAE holdings? Do you think these types of real estate will continue to appreciate in value, or do you anticipate investors will be looking toward different types of property in the future? 

With the global economy showing signs of strengthening, there is currently significant growth in the residential real estate market in the UAE with particular emphasis on Abu Dhabi.  Ozone continues to focus on both residential and commercial investments throughout the region as we believe the region will continue to prosper economically.  Ozone will continue to seek new and exciting investment opportunities throughout the region.

As the global economy improves, how do you believe this will benefit investments in the UAE and Abu Dhabi? What do you think these places will be like 10 years from now?   

Though the UAE and Abu Dhabi both saw significant declines during the global economic crisis, the region has shown dramatic improvements.  This benefits investors as it provides exceptional opportunities to enter a strong and growing market.  In the future, we anticipate continued prosperity and economic growth potential throughout the region.  The UAE continues to provide significant investment opportunities and Ozone will remain at the forefront of the real estate market in the region.