Thomas Jefferson’s Rules for Life

May 31, 2021 Updated: May 31, 2021

Kudos to Joshua Charles for today’s article [published in the May 19 edition]. What a magnificent boost for all of us. Reflection upon the words of our eminent “Founding Father” shows how intuitive and wise he was so many years ago. All Americans should read, review, study, and submit Jefferson’s 10 points to their friends, family, and children for thoughtful consideration and adoption.

Deeply embroiled as we are in the aftermath of perhaps the most contested presidential election of our history, Jefferson’s words give us all the roadmap to peace, tranquility, and the inner faith that our country will prevail and succeed against its domestic and foreign enemies. His writing should be required reading in our schools, shared with congregations from the pulpit, and memorialized for generations to come.

As a long-standing subscriber, I strongly recommend all readers read and assimilate Jefferson’s Dogma and instruction. We are all looking in our daily lives for direction to handle obstacles, let alone the major mess in Washington, D.C., and all of the alien statements from the radical left. Jefferson’s 10 rules are the prescription to answer those questions, relieve our worries, and make us concentrate on being “True Patriotic Americans.” Thanks, Joshua. I truly believe this publication will change people’s lives.

Harry Tipping