This Student Born With Cerebral Palsy Was Determined to Walk Across Her Graduation Stage

May 14, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

When it comes to people who have disorders or disabilities, even something like walking can be next to impossible. However, some people work hard in order to overcome those obstacles in their lives. Nothing can be more truer for a student who was born with Cerebral Palsy.

Wearing their white graduation robe, he wanted to show the whole school all of the effort that he has been putting to make miracles happen. They were helped out of their wheelchair, and strapped onto a walker. This was a feat all by itself, but as soon as they started walking, the whole school burst into applause.

They were then, with some help, able to make it up the steps, and into the platform so that they could get their diploma. This is a scene that brought tears to many peoples eyes. It shows the determination, as well as the struggle, of this young student to not just succeed academically, but to exceed physically.

It goes to show that many of us are privileged when it comes to not having much that stops us from being the best us that we can be. Many people have to try far harder than any of us will ever have to, and they are able to succeed, or even excel in the world.

This video is motivation, but also should give us pause to think about our lives, and what we can do to help others out as much as possible. Show this video to your family and friends, and help them to smile and be happy. It doesn’t have to be huge strides, but do what you can in order to make the world a far better place to live in.

Video Credit: Newsflare