This Picture of Bananas Is Making People Go Bananas Online

March 5, 2018 Updated: March 5, 2018

This picture of bananas being sold in an Australian supermarket is sparking outrage online for what people are saying is an excessive use of packaging and plastic.

The photo titled “Bananas now need packaging it seems,” uploaded to Reddit by user jigsaw153, shows bunches of bananas packaged in plastic containers on display in the fresh food section of an unknown Woolworths supermarket.

Bananas now need packaging it seems from r/australia

Social media users were quick to lambaste the supermarket for what they thought to be an unnecessary use of extra packaging for bananas.

“They come already pre-packaged by nature!” one user said.

“It’s ridiculous,” another user said.

Some users surmised that the practice of packaging bananas and other fresh foods was to boost supermarket profits. “They’re doing it to effectively create a ‘minimum purchase volume.’ Because people like me only buy two and they don’t want that,” a user speculated.

“That’s because if you leave them as is, people will only take the amount of bananas they want. This way if they come in packs of 5 and you need 6 you have to buy 10,” another user added.

Other users suggested it was to make auto-checkout easier and reduce the number of employees working in the supermarket.

“My guess is Coles/Woollies are slowly preparing us for an all ‘automatic check-out’. Pre-packed and priced, no more ‘check-out chicks’ – more profit for them,” one user said.

One reddit user who claims to have worked in the corporate division of the supermarket said prepackaging bananas can help distinguish between organic and non-organic bananas and ensuring customers pay the correct price.

A spokesperson from Woolworths told 7News that the packaged bananas were only a small range available in Queensland stores. They added that some customers prefer the convenience of having prepackaged products and it can help farmers reduce waste at the start of the supply chain.

“At Woolworths we make efforts to use our packaging as efficiently as possible,” the spokesperson said, reported 7News.

“This small range is only available in Queensland stores and is used to package bananas that are different sizes. The majority of our produce is not packaged and since July 2017 we have reduced plastic in produce by over 100 tonnes.”



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