This Photo of Harrison Ford Endorsing Trump Went Viral, But It Isn’t What It Seems

March 16, 2016 Updated: March 16, 2016

When a photo of Harrison Ford, a lifelong Democrat, apparently was spotted endorsing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, people were skeptical.

Ford had actually slammed Trump a few months ago after Trump said he liked Ford’s performance in Air Force One. “It’s a movie, Donald, it was a movie,” he said in December. “It’s not like this in real life, but how would you know?”

The photo of Ford actually was digitally altered. The original one was him holding a sign that read, “Hello Reddit” from 2014.


Ina Treciokas, Ford’s representative, also told BuzzFeed this week that the actor is “not endorsing him for president.”


(H/T – IJReview)