This Is Why a Kimono Should Be Your Summer Essential

By Ingrid Longauerová, Epoch Times

When somebody asks me what is this summer’s essential, without a doubt I say the kimono. Not only are they extremely chic, but kimonos are also probably one of the most practical trends I can remember. If you’re raising your brow, let me explain.

They are perfect for sunny summer days as delicate protection against the blazing sunshine. And then in the evening, when it gets chillier, they can be used as a cover.

But who ever said fashion has to be practical? Kimonos have many other benefits too. Pure style is their privilege. They are effortlessly chic style boosters. You can look casual wearing your denim cut-offs and white tee, but just one kimono will turn you into a street-style-picture-worthy muse. They usually come in colorful patterns, so you can have some fun mixing prints.

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With this said, it’s obvious kimonos are perfect for music festivals, Saturday outings, or even as an elegant evening dress. See our gallery for inspiration and shopping tips to get your perfect summer kimono.

You can shop kimonos here: 

Lovers + Friends Drea Kimono, $143.00 available at Shopbop.

Asos Kimono in Floral Print Velvet, $104.80 available at Asos

Embroidered Kimono, $79.95 at H&M.

Pom Pom kimono in peacock print, $60.00 at Etsy.

Key to freedom fringed silk kimono, $125.00 at Topshop.

New Look Tile Crochet Hem Kimono, $47.62 available at Asos.

BCBGMAXAZRIA kimono, $237.00 available at Revolve clothing

New Look Vintage Embroidered Fringe Kimono, $53.33 available at Asos.

Sheer chiffon kimono, $45.00 at Etsy.

Patterned Kimono, $39.95 at H&M.