This Is Where Our Government Wants to Take US

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
June 24, 2021 Updated: June 24, 2021

If you have ever read any dystopian literature, then you have some idea where our government wants to take us.

In a dystopian society, there is usually a group of privileged elites or a powerful global corporation in charge who controls every aspect of its citizens’ lives. Under this type of government, people no longer make choices about what they will think. This can be accomplished through the use of propaganda and controlling the media. Individuals who try to share ideas that do not agree with what those in control want them to think are severely punished if they are found out.

Does this sound a lot like what Big Tech and Cancel Culture are trying to do? Under this type of regime, the government controls and dispenses resources. Do you wonder why gas stations, restaurants, retail shops, etc., are having trouble staffing their businesses? Is it because the government decided to pay people more to stay home so businesses would fail?

Rulers in a dystopian society can make arbitrary rules that do not have to make sense—for example—what we see with OSHA determining that employers get a pass from recording vaccine side effects until May 2022, vaccine passports, writing on the hands of students who are unvaccinated (as they did at an Exeter High School dance), forcing unvaccinated people to stay apart from those who are vaccinated and/or wear masks, or colleges forcing students to have the vaccine in order to return to school, lockdowns that do not end, arrests for those not in compliance, defunding those in law enforcement, open borders, fines (as we saw when Nancy Pelosi fined congressmen/women who refused to wear masks—though she has violated most of the rules she has made for others during the pandemic), rent moratoriums that destroy landlords, closing churches but allowing liquor stores to stay open.

This is just a sampling of the insanity we have lived through this past year. And it is about to get worse.

We allowed this to happen through our negligence. We have to fix it. We still have the power to recall those who are trying to create this dystopian society. We can decide to vote only for people with integrity. We must take back control of our schools and insist that elections be held in a manner that does not allow for cheating and hacking. We can collectively do something about Big Tech control and censorship. We must fight for media coverage that reports the truth about what is happening. Look at how the government is telling everyone the COVID vaccines are safe and effective. VAERS reporting, front-line doctors, and what we are seeing ourselves tells a very different story.

We have to talk to people and tell them there are alternatives to CNN, MSNBC, and the Number Channels that are only reporting what they are being told. There is no investigative reporting on these channels. We can ask friends and family to spend 20 minutes a week watching OAN, Newsmax, The Blaze, or reading news reports from publications like The Epoch Times.

Pray. Our God is greater than any despot. If you do not care about this country, then just sit back and watch what happens if we fail to take giant steps now to end this planned attempt to destroy the United States of America.


Sue Rice


The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn