This Is What Happens When 1000Lbs of Dry Ice Are Dropped Into a Pool

March 19, 2019 Updated: March 19, 2019

For those of you wondering what happens when you drop 1,000lbs of dry ice into a swimming pool, then you are in luck because a video has surfaced online showing two intrepid scientists who have done exactly that.

In the video, we watch as the men wheel in a wheelbarrow full of dry ice and park it in front of a 1,500 gallon swimming pool. A caption on screen explains that the wheelbarrow has 200lbs of the white stuff and that four more are waiting off screen to be brought in for their contents to be unloaded into the water.

The men can then be seen lifting the first wheelbarrow and promptly dropping its entire contents into the water where it immediately bubbles and froths into a cloud of fog that sweeps over the garden. The contents of a second wheelbarrow are then dispatched too and we see rivers of frothy cloud running across the floor. With each subsequent load, the white cloud spreads further and further around the men until they are almost completely engulfed.

The surprises don’t end there though as the camera moves towards a different part of the garden where we see a brand new Xbox and PlayStation along with games and controllers sitting on the floor. The two men move towards the electronic equipment and begin to unwrap them from their boxes as they explain that everything in front of them is to be dropped into the still bubbling pool.

The video ends with the sight of one of the men wearing only a pair of swimming trunks belly flopping into the freezing water.