This Is the Powerful Message of the Olympic Games on Wellness

Seeing so many top-performing athletes put so much effort into reaching their goals, we can learn one of the most valuable lessons
July 20, 2021 Updated: July 20, 2021
Epoch Times Photo
By Rodolfo Oviedo

After many doubts and uncertainty, we arrived at one more appointment of the Olympic Games, one of the most unifying moments that we have as humanity, where empathy, healthy competition, amazement, effort, dedication coincide; That is why it was a historic milestone that they were suspended in 2020 and generated so much expectation if they would finally be carried out, under still very complex conditions.

By seeing so many high-performance athletes put so much effort into reaching their goals, we can learn one of the most valuable lessons: human beings do not, we are divided into body and mind. We are a whole and we need to conceive ourselves in this way to achieve an optimal quality of life that allows us to give the best of ourselves and achieve extraordinary results.

Let’s take advantage of these Olympic Games to reconnect and reflect on key issues, such as the role of leadership-of directors, managers, mentors-whose role is fundamental for motivation, visualization of goals, establishing strategies and objectives that allow collaborators to give the best of your talent and add it to that of others to obtain the desired results.

The strength that the team has when it works in a coordinated way to achieve a common goal, as well as the resilience that allows us to face when things do not go as expected. And one more component: inventiveness, as all high-performance athletes who sought ever more innovative and effective ways to stick with their training plan reminded us.

Finally, remind us that the secret both in sports and in companies (and in our own lives) is passion: that force that drives us to want to improve ourselves, make a difference, have a positive impact.

We arrived at this new Olympic event at a key moment, which contains a powerful message: we have the tools to achieve greater resilience and face challenges. We are not a division between brain and passion: we are a whole that needs to take care of all the aspects in which we perform: from physical activity, nutrition, emotional and mental care as well as taking care of our personal finances.

Well-being is built day by day and although it is a personal effort, by sharing it with our work colleagues, family and friends, give us a greater sense of enthusiasm, belonging andlike Olympic athletesthey inspire us to do our best, from ourselves.