This Is the Next Next Major Feature Coming to WhatsApp

By Zach Epstein
Zach Epstein
Zach Epstein
December 29, 2015 Updated: December 29, 2015

Facebook’s $22 billion WhatsApp deal bought it the most popular messaging app in the world, and the service has continued to grow since the record-setting deal took place. Beyond adding users, WhatsApp has added a variety of new features to further enhance the user experience and to more firmly lock users into the app’s ecosystem.

Now, according to a recent leak, it looks like WhatsApp is getting ready to add a major new feature that could take a huge bite out of some of the app’s top rivals.

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German technology blog Macerkopf has posted what it claims are screenshots from an unreleased version of the WhatsApp application for iOS. The blog says these screenshots are from version of the app, which is currently being tested internally.

Here are the images in question:


As is quite clear, the leaked screenshots show the interface of a brand new video calling feature seemingly being tested for launch in an upcoming app update. What’s unclear, of course, is whether or not the images are authentic.

WhatsApp recently added Internet-based voice calling to its popular messaging app, and video calling would be a logical next step. The move would bring WhatsApp closer to feature parity with popular services like Skype, and could certainly take a sizable dent in their businesses.

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Zach Epstein