Video: 6-Year-Old Boy Sees His Mother’s Face Light up for the First Time

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April 24, 2019 Updated: April 24, 2019

A boy aged 6 is about to see in color for the very first time in his life. He is excited to receive an unexpected gift of Enchroma glasses. As he puts the glasses on his face lights up as his mother asks him, “what color is the glasses case?” The boy is amazed as he takes his glasses off and puts them on again, realizing that, for the first time in his young life he can see colors. The boy responds in shock, “this is red”. “Oh my gosh, and that is white,” he says as he looks at the automobile beside him. His mother tells him to look at a sign that is above him. The boy replies with excitement, “that is yellow”. The boy starts to look all around him in sheer wonder as he repeats the different colors he can now see with his glasses on. “Finally I can see the colors” he says as he looks at a blue car in front of him. The boy is gobsmacked and cannot quite believe what is happening to him. “These are awesome” he says as for the first time he can finally make out the colors of every last detail.

This heartwarming video makes you realize how precious the gift of color is. A gift, we often take for granted, but not this boy. He can see the bush in its many colors of green, yellow and blue. He takes his glasses off again, but decides to put them on immediately as he notices without them he cannot see the beautiful gift of color. The little boy asks if he can wear his glasses for school and then says, “I’m gonna wear these forever”.

The part that really catches your heart is when he thanks his mother so much for giving him the gift of sight. It’s a tear-jerking video that is definitely worth watching. It captures all the emotions from shock, disbelief, happiness, sadness, gratefulness and sheer joy. Like when the boy sees the sunset for the first time and says “it’s incredible”. This video is simply incredible to watch and experience life through the young boy’s eyes. But, I think the most outstanding part is when the six-year-old sees his mom for the first time and realizes her pants are black and her shoes pink and her skin is like a peach.

Credit: Newsflare

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