Video: Watch a BMW 3 Series Transform Into a Robot

May 11, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

This unassuming red BMW has a secret mode – think you can guess what it is before it’s revealed in the video?

It’s not a ridiculous turbo, it can’t go into “stealth mode”, and it doesn’t have a crazy sound system in the trunk.

This BMW has a very special secret mode. As the white sheet is pulled off you see it – just a plain red BMW. What’s special? Then, it quietly pulls away, and the only sign that something special is about to happen is a dark shadow under the car.

As it drives past some – equally puzzling – giant chess pieces toward the camera, you get a good look at the plate: “LETRONS”. Your first clue.

The car stops in front of the camera and suddenly, the car starts to deconstruct, and slowly, with a whirring of cogs, it transforms into a full-sized Transformer robot that speaks and moves its fingers.

Then, it transforms back into a red BMW you could see driving down the street anywhere. It’s not quite as fast as the transformers we see in the movies (thank goodness!) but it’s impressive nonetheless!