Third Announcement from the “Relay Hunger Strike for Human Rights Support Group”

February 8, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: February 8, 2006 12:00 am

New Victims Need Support: Citizens Persecuted by the Communist Regime

1. Ma Yalian, a human rights seeker in Shanghai

Ma Yalian's home was forcibly demolished in order to create space for a new housing development. She repeatedly appealed to the government, but was only treated with persecution by the Huangpu branch of the Public Security Bureau in the city of Shanghai. In August of 2001, the Public Security Bureau sentenced her to one year in a forced labor camp, charging her with “interrupting social order.” During her time in the labor camp, the policemen broke both her legs and she became crippled, relying on walking sticks to move about.

After her release, she carried her weak body to appeal to the State Council, but was illegally monitored by the Huangpu branch of the Public Security Bureau, with her personal freedom constrained. Because she published articles on the website for All China Lawyers Association and The Epoch Times, exposing the dark stories during her appeal, in March of 2004 she was sentenced for the second time to a labor camp — this time for a year and a half. Shanghai authorities charged her with “turning appealing into trouble-making,” “attacking legal authorities and Shanghai police,” and “writing inaccurate articles about physical harm.”

On August 19, 2005, she was released. But in August, November, and December of the same year, policemen arrested her three times without giving any reasons, and she was treated with violent abuse. On February 4, 2006, she was released again, but half an hour after she returned home, she found police cars and policemen gathered around her house. Terrified, Ma Yalian left her house, becoming homeless. A few days ago, Ma called Mr. Gao Zhisheng and tearfully told him of her experience.

2. Workers from Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province: Yao Fuxin, Xiao Yunliang, Pang Qingxiang, and Wang Zhaoming

In March of 2002, when the central government was holding the National Congress meetings in Beijing, workers from Liaoyang Iron Alloy Factory, led by Mr. Yao Fuxin, staged a demonstration and protest. They were joined by workers from more than ten other factories, and altogether over 30,000 workers participated in the protest. They requested their back salaries be paid and their welfare covered. The protest lasted for nine days, attracting attention from international communities. On March 17 and 20, the Public Security Bureau in Liaoyang City arrested Yao Fuxin and his fellow workers in the name of “illegal gathering and protest.” Later, they were sentenced for “overturning state power.” The protest leader, Yao Fuxin, was sentenced to seven years, with his political rights deprived for three years. Yao is still imprisoned, and his health is declining due to multiple illnesses.

Relay Hunger Strike Group Members for February 7

Members in China:

Guan Zengli and Li Yang, both in Beijing, 24 hours

Overseas members:

Zhou Sheng and Dong Min, both in Hong Kong Han Guangsheng, Canada Yu Xiaohong, Taiwan

Those who will hold a 72-hour hunger strike include:

Huang Sifan and Huang Qin, Germany One person from England with name unknown

Overseas Rights Relay Hunger Strike Groups Established On February 7

The United Kingdom Rights Hunger Strike Team Los Angeles Rights Hunger Strike Team Canadian Rights Hunger Strike Team Toronto Rights Hunger Strike Team German Rights Hunger Strike Team Hong Kong Rights Hunger Strike Team

Relay Hunger Strike Team Members for February 8 (Those with names known to RHSHRSG)

Beijing: Zhao Xin, 48-hour hunger strike Hong Kong: He Junren, member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council and attorney; Chen Ting, a victim of the Zhou Zhenyi case; Zhou Xiaofeng Germany: Pan Huiqin Taiwan: Yu Xiaohong

Because this is done in haste, we were not able to give a detailed plan for the hunger strike. We will keep improving and build up a mechanism for better implementation. In overseas countries where there is a free flow of information, please come up with an idea to have a coordinated effort for each hunger strike team. In China, we will soon announce contact phone numbers for those who want to join us.