These Views of the Cornwall Coast, Shot by a 17-Year-Old, Will Leave You in Awe (Video)

By Gidon Belmaker, Epoch Times
April 4, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A stunning video of the north Cornwall coast in the UK, captured by a 17-year-old who shoots aerial videos for fun, has become an Internet sensation. 

“I’m so happy with this footage, I can’t stop looking at it!” wrote the filmmaker, who goes by the username of Mon0bLE on YouTube. “Wait for the final shot! Everything came together perfectly for this flight: the wind dropped, the sun was low and orange and the tide was almost completely in. In fact, this footage is straight out of the camera.”

The video, also posted to Reddit, quickly reached the top of “the front page of the Internet’ section.  

One user commented: “Sunset, the wave at the right time hitting the rock and the bird at the end made the whole thing perfect. Applause young man! Be grateful for the technology that’s available just for the things that you find fun.” 

“This is epic. Congrats, the last shot is amazing!” said another.

Following many technical questions from the community,  Mon0bLE posted to Reddit a photo of the equipment he used in order to shoot the film. Explanation of what this equipment is can be found here.