These 10 Stenciled Makeover Projects Will Help You Transform Your Home

September 8, 2014 Updated: September 8, 2014

Using stencils and some paint, you can completely change the appearance of just about anything, making it unrecognizable, extraordinary, and amazing.

If you’re sceptical, just take a look at all of the unbelievable things you can do with stencils!

1. Concrete Outdoor Area

Epoch Times Photo

Stenciled Rug on Concrete via Hometalker You Are Talking Too Much

Unless it was in the title, you might have no idea that this space is outdoors, or that this intricate navy and white carpet is in fact not a carpet at all but a stenciled concrete floor.

That’s the power of stencils – outdoor industrial to indoor lodge!

2. Kitchen Floor

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Painted and Stenciled Linoleum Floor via Hometalker A Home Full of Color

Wouldn’t you give anything to makeover your dingy linoleum kitchen floors?

Well how much would you spend to make them over like this?

That’s right – this kitchen floor is linoleum! Not that anyone can tell, now that stencils have done their magic.

3. Entryway Wall

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DIY Wall Stencil via Hometalker No. 29 Design

The soft light pouring into this entryway highlights the intricate design of this stenciled wall perfectly.

If the entryway was painted a simple white or even cream, the color might be lovely, but there would be no textured, bright accent like there is here.

4. Bedroom Wall

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Navy Stenciled Bedroom via Hometalker Blooming Ange

The dynamic use of solid color and accent stencil for these bedroom walls creates a bold design that makes this room incredibly unique.

Instead of an empty wall, or a wall filled with hanging decor, this stencil pattern is decor enough to add a bigtime “WOW” factor to this bedroom.

5. Bookshelf

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Stencil Herringbone Bookcase via Hometalker Lolly Jane  

No wall space to stencil? No worries!

These savvy stencilers decided to add a little textured color to their bookcase by giving it a bright herringbone pattern.

Even partially obscured, a stenciled back wall creates a whole personality for this craft storage space.

6. Rug

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Stenciled Rug via Hometalker DIY on the Cheap

This dining room rug is a perfect example of understated but bold decor.

Stencils can give just enough texture with just enough pattern to make your room unique, without making it too loud.

With a little stencil magic, this rug looks high-end and dinner party appropriate.

7. Kitchen Backsplash

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Chevron Stenciled Backsplash via Hometalker Pressing On

A kitchen backsplash is a fabulous place for stencil work – it’s central and noticeable enough that it can be a great kitchen accent, but small enough that it won’t make a kitchen look too busy.

This mix of showy chevron in neutral colors is the perfect pairing for home decor detail.

8. Window Shade

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Stenciled Faux Roman Shades via Hometalker Balancing Home

Window shades can be a simple necessity, or a hugely effective accent to any room, especially when they’re boldly designed.

This simple living and dining room space gets a vivid modern upgrade with stenciled faux roman shades and drapes.

9. Headboard

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Painted Fabric Stenciled Headboard via Hometalker Infarrantly Creative

Instead of the pattern and palette of the bedding, or color contrasting throw pillows, the real visual impact of this bed comes from its bold geometric stenciled headboard.

Talk about adding a “WOW” factor to your room!

10. Washer and Dryer

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Stenciled Washer and Dryer via Hometalker How to Nest for Less

Though you may never have thought of upgrading your washer and dryer to improve your laundry room, the outcome of these machines is astoundingly attractive.

No matter how plain or unembellished an object is in your home, with stencils and paint, you can turn it into decor.

Chalk it up to more stencil magic!

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