Touching Video Shows Parents Happily Take Care of Their Paralyzed Son Every Day

May 15, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

Zack Collie suffered a severe spinal injury at 15 years old that drastically changed in his life. From how he travels to even the most basic of human body functions such as using the restroom. Zack relies on the kindness of his mother to help him make it through his daily struggles.

Zack details one of the hardest and most difficult things for even your typical person to talk about, bowel movements and getting clean. For these simple tasks that we take for granted, Zack has to have a routine. From waking up to leg spasms that have to be strapped down, to using a suppository to make his bowel movements more routine and expected for someone who has no feeling from the neck down.

His mother is a huge help, from transferring him to his wheelchair, administering medication, getting him in a shower. She is the sole caretaker of her son, and her motherly dedication is evident as you watch her transfer her son from wheelchair to bed and back to his wheelchair.

Zack is lucky enough to have a motorized wheelchair attachment and a lift in his van to make travel easier, even though he isn’t able to drive. The van is designed to allow him to ride in the front with the driver.

Video Credit: Caters News